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I haven't watched any of the LARPing documentaries (although I know there is a major one which is supposed to be quite good) and always found the hobby kind of ridiculous but being a comedy film I think this is the first mainstream thing that has actually featured any form of LARPing and recoginised it as a thing, geeky or otherwise.

What are your guys thoughts on LARPing? (and does anyone know the documentary I'm talking about)

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I've watched the Darkon documentary, and I know a few LARPers. It looks like fun, essentially D&D in real life.

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Darkon was an entertaining documentary. Check it out.

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Watching this, it seems like paint-balling or even playing CoD Search and Destroy, no spawns. Once you're out you're out. Although the whole renaissance theme still seems pretty funny, like Game of Thrones / Medieval British trappings.

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Darkon is incredible.

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I always thought of LARPing as something that was just *too* nerdy for me, but after watching Role Models, it actually seems like it'd be so much damn fun.

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@EvilTwin said:

I've seen Monster Camp. You might be thinking about that.

This is the LARPing documentary I chose to watch. I really enjoyed it.

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It looks alright. Not something I'd probably get into myself, though.

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I thought Darkon was very interesting, though LARPing just isn't for me.

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I've tried it and I hate it. It's basically drama class for people who want to pretend act. I'd take sitting around a dinner table playing a table top game over LARP'ing any day (even though I've done that only a couple more times than LARPing). I knew a bunch of people who did it. Dressed up and the whole bit. It feels too much like playing pretend to me. Which is weird because I used to like doing that as a kid. There's just something off putting about it to me.

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Role Models made it look so fun.  Ive never done it before because it seems a bit too over the top for me but it would just be hilarious to mess up the game by not taking it seriously.  

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pretty good movie.

my friend's co-worker got kind of into it after the movie. he made some swords and a hammer. we fought a little bit with the sword and hammer. it was pretty fun.

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I'm down for that! It looks like fun.

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I haven't seen Role Models or Darkon, but The Wild Hunt is awesome. While it probably won't make you want to LARP, it's still a good drama/thriller. It's currently on Netflix streaming, so add it to your queue.
It's about a big LARP retreat thing where a group lets themselves get way too drawn into their roles, and things go bad. And the ending is sooo satisfying.

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Yea, Role Models definitely made it look super fun, but then I remembered the reality of it....

I would only LARP if it were with the cast of Role Models.