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I have been listening to a lot of indie music lately but I recently fell in love with Dan Mangan and Elemint

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Right now? The soundtrack for Alone In the Dark (2008). Never actually played the game, but the OST is amazing, one of the best I've ever heard :)

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Midnight Brown.

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The Catherine soundtrack, mostly.

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Right this second: Porno for Pyros - Three days.

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Listening to Svartsot and the album Ravnenes Saga. Right now its on the song called Gravøllet, which is fitting as my cousin got buried today.

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Single File

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Right now I'm listening to behind the screened door

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lately? uh, Catherine soundtrack, glee soundtrack, Deadmau5 and Noisia

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Nothing. I have Bride of Reanimator playing from Netflix.

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Now? Starcraft 2 soundtrack is in the background when some guy is interviewing the winner of the match I just watched on the SC2 stream

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VVVVVV - Potential for Anything.

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Last music I listened to was Glee.

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M83 + Beirut's new album, The Rip Tide.
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At this moment,  

Lately, Flaming Lips and this guy Damian Lazarus, whose album Smoke the Monster Out I HIGHLY recommend.
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Right this very second? Fragmented by Front Line Assembly just came up on random. 

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Smith Westerns - All Die Young.

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And other songs by DJ Splash.  Also, TechnoBase.fm
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I've been on a Deep Purple concert last week and absolutely fell in love with the band. I've been listening to their older, classic albums such as In Rock, Machine Head, Made in Japan and Perfect Strangers.

Other than that I listen to metal mostly; Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, that sorta jazz.
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Opeth's new song

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 Thank you Tasteless
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Constant rotation of 
Magnetic Man 

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A lot of CYNE, Inverse and Funky DL.

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At this moment in time I'm listening to Rammstein's 2008 album Liebe ist für alle da. It's not my favorite album by the band (that would be 2005's Rosenrot). but I'm growing to like this album more and more.

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After all the mentions on IGN podcasts I just picked up Tech N9ne "Everready" and have been really liking that, I still switch it up in the afternoon commute for a mix disc of Me First and the Gimme Gimmes 80s songs, show tunes, and random other punk covers. This very moment my kids for some reason are listening to a dance class CD with Beyonce's "Halo" song which is what reminded me to check Giant Bomb. I was imagining this song playing over a ballet interpretation of a Halo game with Master Chief doing spins and leapswith a blaster while badly costumed Grunts and Elites get shot down each time he comes out of a spin or leap and above him is a woman in a Cortana costume spinning and kicking in a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling like in a Vegas show. This thread topic couldn't have appeared on the front page at any better a time.

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Eagles of Death Metal and a little rock band called Derby.

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Silversun Pickups - Swoon
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Uh, I was just listening to that song from the beginning of Tokyo Drift.

Don't judge me.

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Loads of Dead Meadow.

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Came upon this group through Jonny Greenwood, that man has given me everything.

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    I'm listening to a bunch of songs from anime that I enjoy. I haven't seen this anime, but it's a very cute song.
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some gucci gucci, digging around woodkid's back catalog, some terrible chemical brothers...

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The Who album "Tommy"

Im going to a Roger Daltrey concert tomorrow, so I'm getting warmed up!

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Right this second I'm listening to We're Back by The Lonely Island.

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The Roots.  i havent felt like listening to a lot of rap music lately

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The sweet sweet sound of EVO!

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the music of the exploding laboratory stage in SSFIV because i'm in a lobby waiting for someone to ready up. i don't get it. why the hell do you make a lobby, and then just leave? 

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Big Sir's new album! It's a trip-hop duo composed of Lisa Papineau and Juan Alderete (the bass legend of Racer X and Mars Volta fame).



Best song in this thread. Veckatimest is the most hauntingly beautiful and mysterious album I've ever heard, and has been in constant rotation over here since I discovered it.

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Just got my hands on the Hanna soundtrack. I'd say I'm surprised people didn't praise it more because it's so much better than Daft Punk's Tron Legacy score but then expecting North Americans to know who The Chemical Brothers are was always going to be a step too far.

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I'm listening to the album Flood by They Might be Giants, and I'm currently on this song.

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The Supernaut - Black Fucking Sabbath