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Just out of interest, you know. I primarily get my news from The New York Times, because I like their website. Also CNN, but I think the New York Times is better written. I don't really keep a constant eye on television news, but I like to watch a little bit of everything. The BBC has some pretty good podcasts going. And the Deutsche Welle service out of Germany isn't too bad either.

I've tried to include as many general organizations that I can think of. Obviously this is United States-centric, but I know that the CNN and New York Times websites have a significant international readership, so... yes.

Why do you stick with the service you've chosen, if you've chosen any at all? Is it because you've grown up with it as a kid, or is it because of some particular traits it has? 
EDIT: I forgot to put NPR up there. My bad. And I missed out some other stuff as well, like magazines. Live and learn when making un-editable polls, I guess.

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I don't follow any news that isn't videogame related. I find the news in general (I'm referring to news shown on television in Australia ) to be depressing. 

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I read the economist as my primary news-source. 
Outside of that, I read the Smithsonian magazine, and occasionally listen to NPR during my commute.

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if i ever need to, i'll watch CTV news (in Canada) but otherwise i just get all my news through websites like Yahoo. 

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Google News

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@mylifeforAiur said:
" I don't follow any news that isn't videogame related. The news in general (I'm referring to news shown on television in Australia ) to be depressing.  "
You've reminded me why I don't really like local news channels; it's all about real local stuff like murders and bank robberies, and other petty things like how this union is going on strike or whatever. I prefer the large scale international stuff; that's why I go with the cable networks. They provide a more international focus as well as the important national stuff, and politics. I love me some politics.
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Sky (errrrghhh), The Times or Euronews

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TV news mostly 
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Sadly, R.  I need to pay more attention to other stuff besides video games.

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Red eye. Does that count?

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@lukusluke said:
http://www.politico.com/  for US politics "
Politco's good. I purposely didn't put it up because this isn't a political thread. Otherwise it would just turn into a MSNBC vs. Fox News (maybe vs. CNN) faceoff, and don't nobody want that.
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My job pretty much entails me seeing nearly everything of the above. I have access to the wires as well, which is kinda fun as you get very minor and likely completely non-reported bits coming in. For example:
 APTN 2 - 10.07.2010 1:29:00 - ^AP-Electrician dies at US Disney complex after being injured ...,0000<

Electrician dies at US Disney complex after being injured while installing transformer  
Amazing, no?

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Nothing. I generally live by the rule of thumb that if it's important enough some one will tell me or I will see/hear people talking about it. Every now and then though I will be up alte cooking supper and if it takes awhile I will turn on CBC or CTV/ATV and see if the news is on. That's about it. Some times I hear things on the radio in the morning if my grandfather turns it on, but that's not often.

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SBS News and BBC News.
EDIT: Hey, 1000th post!

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Q.  I watch the Defranco show.  Since Phil is great a sifting through the bullshit and just ranting about whats important.  I also look at my local news site everyday.  I don't watch tv.
If its important, it will find me.  I am on the net all day everyday.  So I have no need to watch the news on a regular basis.  But if its an election year.  I will sift through all the major affiliates to hear their spin.  Even thou, I would never vote. 

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The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Also the Toronto Star.

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Reddit although if I actually want to read a news site, NPR.

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Damn. An almost complete lack of print journalism in here. 
It's really too bad. Neither Cable News nor Online Blogs can achieve the depth of analysis that you'll find in something like the Economist. Luckily, they're actually doing quite well; they just attract a different audience I suppose.

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Daily Show and Stephen Colbert, I know I'm not supposed to, but it's so eeeasy to.

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