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I get on everyday through my iphone. So that means I can check Giantbomb any time I want. Which is every day.

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I am on Giant Bomb everyday!

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I check this site several times per day every day. Like, it's a struggle for me to not open Giant Bomb whenever I'm on a computer.

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Giant Bomb is my home page.

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I am on all the time, except when Im not, which is when Im working, when Im traveling to work, or when I am looking at porn.

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I voted for Thursday because that is when I work my late shift and basically I'm just on GB the whole time. But I am on everyday as often as possible until the wife yells at me.

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The days I'm off work, my schedule varies greatly from week to week.

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Check multiple times a day

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Since I'm on a busy study leave, every single day of the week.

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Err' Day I'm bombin'.

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All day every day

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there is no day that goes un-giantbomb'd

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I consider this place my home. So......everyday.

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I got on everyday, but sunday/monday is my weekend so I am going to say Sunday and Monday because I am home during the day.

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Giantbomb is my social life.

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Every day, but mostly on the weekends when I'm bored in the morning.

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@TheDudeOfGaming said:

Giantbomb is my social life.

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Every day is great at your GiantBomb!

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i posit that the true duder visits everyday

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@believer258 said:

I check this site several times per day every day. Like, it's a struggle for me to not open Giant Bomb whenever I'm on a computer.

Same with me.
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Now that I'm out of high school.. everyday for the near future.

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I'd argue that I spend the most time on it on Sunday, since I have oodles of spare time. I do visit basically every day, though, and usually will several times, just to see what's up.

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Everyday, I come here about an equal amount of time and at different times of the day. I have grown to really like this website

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At this point, I spend a lot of my game playing time on Giantbomb.

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I'm on the site every day on my iPad.