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Due to day light savings messing up our brains we will start in one hour, follow the link in the OP to sign up on binary beast. I'll try and start streaming music in about 30-45 minutes

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My stream is live for people who are interested to watch.



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How do I change from EU to US?

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Behold! My computer is amazing!

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How do I change from EU to US?

Wait a second before you log in, there should be a button that says 'Region' in which you can choose which region to log in to.

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That was great, hope it becomes a regular thing. That final was pretty sick.

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That was really awesome, thanks so much to Thule, the casters, and all the players! See you again soon.

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Thanks for the awesome tournament guys! Had a lot of fun.

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GG's everyone, thanks to everyone for playing.

Remember you can download all uploaded replay on the tournament bracket page: http://binarybeast.com/xHotS130310126

You can also rewatch Moz's stream on his stream page here: http://www.twitch.tv/moztacular

Big props to Wunder for casting alot of the games in the late night/early morning hours in Malaysia. Your a boss Wunder.

Also, let me know what you think about the new format or any other aspect of the tournament. I might consider hosting seperate tournaments for lower and higher ranked players in order to make the games more interesting for everyone, but we're going to need a few more participants next time if we want to make that work. There will definitely be a next tournament though, so keep an eye on these forums for that!

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Thanks for organizing the tournament. Had to forfeit because SCII was putting me in a state I don't like being in, but I loved the idea of the group matches before the bracket phase.

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@domorin said:

Thanks for the awesome tournament guys! Had a lot of fun.

+1 I'll make sure to win next time :)

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Great fun everyone, follow the link below to find the VOD of the tournament start to finish. Thanks to everyone for saying kind things to wunder and I about our casting, it means a lot. See you next time.


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Thanks for organizing the great tourney! Awesome finals to finish it off, hope to see more in future!

Oh and @thule - Format seems good but ya maybe for bronze-gold/plat in higher leagues seperate!

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Thanks for a great event! I had the stream running for hours but sadly fell asleep during the finals.

Great commentary all the way and the "production value" was rather good with almost no delay between matches.

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@thule: Thanks! It was a pleasure casting ^^ You might consider switching to Swiss Style brackets. It might delay games because of the format, but it allows each player to get matched up against other players with equal results, so if you play enough you'd hopefully find someone around your level. The downside to that though is that you might end up having similar match-ups in the bracket stages as dominating players like Domorin or Psych would face each other near the end of the swiss groups. Something to consider, though.

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This sounds amazing, why can't these exist for games that I like?