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If there was ever a time that you thought to yourself "hum, maybe I should check what this StarCraft 2 pro scene is all about", then there's no better day to do that than next Thursday,May 2nd, at 18:10 KST. And why is that? Because that will be the day that the GSL Code S Ro16 Group B is played, aka the ultimate group of death. Never in StarCraft 2 history has there been a group with this much quality in it. And all 3 races are represented. The players are PartinG, Life, INnoVattion and Flash.

The Very Best of StarCraft II

For those that don't follow the e-sports scene, let me try to give you a bit of context. PartinG is arguably the best Protoss in the world (definitely one of the top3). He is the current World Champion and has also won the 2012 WCG as well as 2012 MLG Tournament of Champions. Life is unquestionably the best Zerg player in the world and probably the overall best StarCraft 2 player. He has won 5 Premier Tournaments in the last 6 months, including 2012 MLG Fall and 2013 MLG Winter and 2012 GSL Season 4 and 2012 GSL Blizzard Cup.

INnoVattion is considered to be one of the two best Terrans in the world, despite not having won any major tournaments in his recent Starcraft 2 career. His top results are reaching the Semis in 2012 GSL Season 5 and 2013 MLG Winter. Flash is the other best Terran in the world and he has also not won a major tournament in his also recent Starcraft 2 career. He has reached the Semis in 2012 MLG Tournament of Champions and 2012 MLG Fall and the Finals in 2013 MLG Winter. Flash is, however, more commonly known for being widely considered as the best player to ever play StarCraft and is revered as a God in the StarCraft scene.

Hopefully I was able to explain how incredibly good this group of players are and if you're interested in seeing the very best of StarCraft 2 then May 2nd is the day!

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Life and INnoVattion GO!

It was sad to see MC get knocked out so early, I thought for sure he'd make it at least to Ro16.

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Kinda disappointed that MC didn't make it, but I'm looking forward to seeing these guys play. It's also worth mentioning that dreamhack is this weekend as well. Should make for some interesting games at least.

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@korkesh: @mentaldisruption: MC was kinda outplayed in his group. It happens. He is still at a very top level though.

Dreamhack should be fun, yeah. Finally a chance for me to watch Jaedong play.