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So I just found out about this game earlier today and it turns out my roommate had played it a while back and never told me about it :/

Well this thing looks fantastic and it's the first "kickstarter-esque" game I've supported and after watching some of the stuff about it I wanted to see if anyone on GB was talking about it... not a single forums thread.

I thought that was crazy, so here I am, letting everyone know, go check this thing out and buy a copy of the game. From what I'm told there's already a playable build, so it's far enough along for you to get something out of it right away.

Check the video out (that intro!):

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and here's the link to the funding page

(Edit: fixed the video link)

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Early access is available on steam now. This game looks pretty awesome. We should get some duders together and play this.

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I'm getting it now, it definitely looks pretty damn awesome.

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I assume the wiki is out of date? It certainly doesn't seem to be F2P, but does look pretty cool. How does the current alpha play?

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This game was recommended to me from a friend and it does seem pretty cool so far. Even in the alpha stage. Would love to see a Giant Bomb server. WOuld be pretty awesome

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Got it on the steam summer sale & while there's not that much there now for the single player, it's off to an interesting start with a lot of possibilities. Only thing I'd really like is a better way of placing things like turrets/lights where I could just pick the square to put it on instead of trying to guess where it's going to land. Should be interesting to see what happens when they put more physics in the game where if you build something tall & badly it'll fall over (did the minecraft thing of building a 200+ block tall tower & started dumping stuff on top supported by a single spire of blocks) so should be funny to see it fall over.