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I had my fun with Skyrim, but after 75h of playtime, I got kinda bored by it, never finished the main storyline (that's what I call the ''bethesda curse'') and I came back to the game before the sale to see what modders added or improved over the last year.

I was wondering if the DLC are worth it, I couldn't care much for Hearthfire, I already play Animal Crossing... but Dragonborn looks interesting, it seems very Cthulhu-esque in it's locals.

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I really enjoyed Dawnguard and Dragonborn. I say go for it.

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What are we talking about content wise, 2-3 ''main quests'' with some side quests?

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I just recently played through Skyrim and all the DLC for the first time. It was all really good, but I thought the main game quests were better. They're probably about twice as long questwise as one of the faction storylines (companions, thieves guild, etc) but they include some new and varied locations as well. I think $20 each is a stretch, but it's decent at $10.

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I'm just wondering if there's a point of getting those if some good Mods like this one are around:

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I've really been considering getting dragonborn, but I'm not sure if I want to fall down the Skyrim hole again.

As far as dawnguard is concerned it's okay. At a discounted price I say go for it.

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I got a ton of value out of Dragonborn, so I'd say definitely go in for that. Dawnguard was pretty solid as well, but not nearly as expansive.

Hearthfire is pretty throw away in my opinion. I found the owning your own home thing to be a minor novelty at best.

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Well, if you're curious about what the modders have come up with, remember it's a bethesda game we're talking about and more often than not modders will take advantage of new things in DLC meaning you should always look to grab all the DLC if you intend on heavily modding the game. I think Steam Workshop deals with filtering a bit better than the nexus in that regard, so you might still be able to find mods that don't require DLC.

Dawnguard was okay, and it adds a bit of extra content. Hearthfire I'd recommend only if you're into the RP side of things and enjoy the home ownership aspect of it/coming home to your waifu/husbandu and/or orphan after a hard couple of months of adventure.

However, it's pretty expensive for what it is, so yeah. Keep in mind you can grab multiple games for that same price, and honestly I think that's a better deal...

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Dawnguard - Adds alot of new items. Enhances werewolfness. Vampire Lord stuffs. Adds a fairly length questline similar in length to the main questline of the main game. Pretty solid. Random vampire attacks are a bit tedious and annoying, but nothing major. (I suggest siding with the Dawnguard you can still become a vampire lord)

Dragonborn - Adds a SHITLOAD of content. Huge completely new island, roughly the size of a hold, it has roughly 50 new dungeons in it. Tons of sidequests, TONS. A short but neat main quest. Really cool abilities and shouts. Really solid DLC. You get a shout where you spit out TORNADOES!

Hearthfire - Its a fun little novelty, It's super cheap. I found it nifty and enjoyable. Its cool building and customizing your own little fortified great hall with like 10 people living in it. Just makes for the perfect base of operations, but easily skippable if you dont care about that stuff.