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Ya, so far I'm about two hours in. Still kinda getting used to the controls but the Z targeting is Great!

Ask away!

(this is totally a parody post :P)

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How do you open doors in this game? I wish there was some sort of tutorial on this.

Edit: Nevermind, found it. I guess it's the A button when it says door. I feel they could have made this a little more clear though.

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Why is the game so terrible? =/

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@hunter5024: kinda tricky but you need to stand in front of a door and press A when the prompt changes to open. Some doors can't be opened so simply however...

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Yeah, most first impressions post are kind of useless.

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@beachthunder: I'm loving it so far I really suggest you give it another shot. Don't wanna be hasty here but I'm feeling this game will be GOTY.

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Im not sold on this 3rd dimension thing, is it really necessary?

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How do you get the triforce?

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@slyspider: you need to experience yourself to believe, but yes. It's risky but it pays off

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Should Link talk?

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How Du I Get Fire arrow?

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@oscar__explosion: I think Link should always be a silent character. Bummer that other characters don't talk though. Probably hardware limitations. But with these graphics I don't even care!

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Chunky or smooth?

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y deez rock ppl like bomb if bomb blow up rox?

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Guys I totally found a way to escape the forest without having to go through all the bullshit. You can totally get past that asshole blocking the path I swear!!!

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AMA makes me think of reddit and that makes me shudder.

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AMA makes me think of reddit and that makes me shudder.




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just started the game and i cant figure out what button pulls my sword out. ive pushed every button and nothing happens. this game is dumb, ever bit of art for this game shows zelda using a sword, but as soon as you start it up you learn HE DOESNT HAVE A SWORD!

0/10 worst game ever, dont need to play anymore to know it sucks

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@iburningstar: do you mean 'Link' using a sword? You have to find the sword bud, he's not just gonna pull it out of his rear end

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Why does your character have a girl's name?

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My uncle works for Nintandoes and and and he tole me that the N64 is gunna get three mor Zelda games after Okareena of Times an they will be so gud that Okarino of Tim will look like the wurst game ever an he let me play all three an he was right but he cud get in trubble if Nintenno fines out so I cant tell u anything about them but one of them mite come out for Tindendos next consol witch will be call the Nantoondo 65 an itll look exackly like reel life but better cuz I hav the Flanbendo 65 an it hav like 50,000,000,000 bit graphics an som guy at Binspando play Murrio 65 an the graphic wer so reel that he had to go to the hopsital becaus his mind couldnt hannle it but its safe now becaus Soni helped out an dial the graphic back an oh yeah Swoony now work with Nanbundo an Crass Bannicoot will com out on the Spoondroppo 65 next yeer an the Spainfender 65 wil be out on 5/11/98 but don tell anyone an no u cant play mine becaus its secrit.

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@supamon: a common mistake made, zelda is the princess. Your character is called Link.

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@shagge: Lost my shit at "Binspando" and "Spoondroppo". :D

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@shagge: Lost my shit at "Binspando" and "Spoondroppo". :D

Wate til u see Soup Or Man 65 wer the hole game is about loosin ur shit an than trine to find it agan becaus Licks Luther will use ur shit to rool the wurl. Also supperpowers!

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Ok so I finally made it into this tree guy, I'm inside him? So disgusting. But now I can't continue. I am in this cave with plants and water. HELP.

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@nictel: you gotta climb up the vines to a room where you get the sling shot. After that climb up some more near the chest in the main room on the second floor till you face those giant skull bug things. Kill one then jump to break the Web!

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Does this game have eight-way running like its predecessor?

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Why do you move backwards faster than running or rolling?

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make sure you land on the web. there is fall damage in this game.

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How much worse than Majora's Mask is Ocarina of time?

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What is time?

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What IS the legend of Zelda?

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How do I kill Navi?

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im at the part wit the owl he keeps talkin tho were do i go??? ps I found a decku nut

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Is this a follow-up to the expansive new lore introduced in the Panasonic CD-i games?

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@shagge: 10/10, COTY. I laughed so hard I woke my roommate

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Why do you move backwards faster than running or rolling?

I feel like there's a Nintendo metaphor in there somewhere...

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Is this reddit?

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@theht: yep, found that out the hard way. Though if you keep pressing forward on the stick you can avoid fall damage if the fall isnt too high!

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Y cant Zelda crawl?

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@conker: Thanks! Though I am unsure if I can continue, it gets really scary.