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Because the shit's stupid!

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@bigsocrates: Damn, is there really no way to get rid of application achievements?

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On the 360, there's a prompt to remove games from the achievement list if you hadn't gotten any achievements in them. Past that, and on the Xbox One, I think you're out of luck.

Your original post kinda sums up modern achievements and trophies, though. Just let it go... all that shit's stupid anymore.

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Apps have achievements now? That is duuuumb.

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Apps have achievements now? That is duuuumb.

Sums up my thoughts exactly.

Seriously, wtf, who at some meeting thought that was a good idea?... >_>

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About as stupid as wanting to get rid of them... Who cares, it's not like having that Avatar game on your record.

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No, it sure would be nice if you could, but that metadata is worth a lot of money. Microsoft, Netflix, and all other random parties involved want to be able to crunch all the numbers that achievement tracking bullshit spits out. Every achievement you earn is another insubstantial data-point to be thrown into a pool of insubstantial data-points that eventually amounts to a fuck ton of useful information. Information that is useful to people that understand how profitable it is to be able to read their market and also have super computers capable of delivering accurate guesses.

Like Keith Alexander said:

In order to find the needle in the haystack, you need a haystack

While that quote was regarding mass surveillance use to find terrorists it can also be applied to corporate use of big data to make the most profit. You see, in order to determine what people generally like and dislike one needs to....oh god I'm saying too much...they're monitoring me...I need to act normal.

I mean...why would you want to turn Netflix achievements off? It makes it easier, and a lot more fun, to track how much I use Netflix. Frankly, I can't imagine going back to not knowing that kind of butt-fucking stupid non-information about my viewing habits. I remember a couple years ago when I didn't know if I'd watched I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry on Netflix and being really bummed about it especially because I didn't know how many stars I needed to give it. Now I don't have to feel bummed about that so I can just be happy all the time instead. It's probably the most next gen feature on the Xbox One and removing it or making it optional would mean that devs won't support it and other things would be different as well.

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@big_jon said:

About as stupid as wanting to get rid of them... Who cares, it's not like having that Avatar game on your record.

Because unlike even that Avatar game, there is nothing to "achieve" here. It's giving you meaningless rewards for simply using an application and just further waters down what was original designed and intended to be a system that recognized player accomplishments. Granted, games like Avatar and numerous others made poor use of the achievement system, but most at least had at least competent goals in mind.

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App achievements are fing sick son

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how does this bother anyone? getting a sticker for doing something you were going to do in the first place isn't too bad is it? its basically the same level of fun that GB had when there were achievements here(I miss those quest), look at or do this get a badge just like in steam it doesn't take away and core function of what you were using netflix for in the first place, its just a metagame that matters to those who play it.... its dumb and/or pointless, but hey guess what there are tonz of other more pressing matters you could get annoyed by like global warming, racism, sexism, etc..

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@wolverine: It is ridiculous, but it does not increase your Gamerscore.

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What this guy said.

@big_jon said:

About as stupid as wanting to get rid of them... Who cares, it's not like having that Avatar game on your record.

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Who cares that people care that people care? Especially about something that is patently stupid like app achievements.

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There should be an achievement for just buying an Xbox One.

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Remember when Achievements were new, exciting and cool? Those were the days.

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what if getting rid of achievements gave you an achievement???

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I remember when MS said they would include achievements for apps, I never expected them to actually do it.

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All the ahievements for apps are worth ZERO gamerscore. They are just there for wheatever. they don't hurt anything and they aren't easy ways to boost your gamescore (if thats something you care about).

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@big_jon said:

About as stupid as wanting to get rid of them... Who cares, it's not like having that Avatar game on your record.

I have that game on mine. I rented it from Gamefly because I like Avatar and, even though I knew the game wouldn't be all that good, I thought it might at least be bearable because I was a fan of the material. I thought wrong. On the topic of the achievements for it, yeah, they were really stupid. Achievements for Netflix(which I didn't know existed until now) are also really stupid.

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I have never hunted for achievements, but actually I care more about then today that I did in the past. Because I view them more as a helpful guideline to possibly extend my enjoyment of something, or an excuse to play a game in a way that might be fun. Because of this sort of way of thinking I found myself looking at the stuff for some of the apps and while it ended up not making me use the apps more it did make me think, "hrm watch X amount of twitch, or watch a twitch stream with X amount of subs". I don't subscribe to most of the content apps anyways though so things like netflix or hulu are kinda off my radar anyways, I live in canada and the selection for that kinda stuff is sadly terrible.

I'm in favor of having achievements for apps though cause they are nothing but possible ways to get people using something more, and that's cool. Kinda a 'why not' situation. It's ok for things to exist, you don't have to label everything dumb if it doesn't revolutionize you mind etc. :)

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I wish I got trophies for watching shit! I no-life'd Seasons 2-5 of The Wire over the course of a week and all I gotta show for it is emotional scarring.

The Wire is pretty amazing, guys.

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@djjoejoe: Are you purposefully bumping every Xbox One thread? I just find it curios that all of a sudden more than half of the threads are Xbox One themed, and with your name as the last commenter. I mean I don't mind, and it is unlikely to be long lasting anyway, though I admire your tenacity.

@flappy: It really is, I started watching Breaking Bad right after finishing season 6, and was unable to finish even the first season. I just felt so fake and disingenuous next to The Wire.

I suppose I should watch Treme and and the rest of David Simon's work, I just haven't felt mentally prepared yet, I guess.

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I do not think that you can get rid of them unfortunately.