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Frank Woodrof had his legs crushed during World War 1, but still wanted to continue to help his country in the war. He was moved to the code breaker division where he met another crippled solider, Vlad. While on duty in the Pacific, Frank's code breaker team heard a strange signal of unknown origin. The signal killed all the code breakers in the room except for Frank and Vlad, who became super intelligent. Frank used his new found intelligence to create robotic legs that would allow other wounded veterans like him to walk again. Vlad went on to create the television years before it's time. The two technologies put the friends at opposite philosophical ends, with Frank wanting to use his inventions to help people go out to the world, and Vlad wanting to use his to bring the world to people. When Vlad goes insane and creates Monovisions, giant monsters made of TVs, Frank uses his mechanical leg technology to create "Trenches", mobile combat platforms. He helps form the Mobile Trench Brigade, and goes to war with his former friend.

Confined to an iron lung, Frank persists in his efforts to neutralize a global invasion of Monovisions and preventing Vlad from assisting in their invasion. Even though he is in a iron lung he is often seen puffing on a cigar. His son, Frank Woodrof Jr., is a Trench pilot and one of the selectable models in the game.

His name is a tribute to the last surviving American WWI veteran Frank Woodruff Buckles.

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