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Free Fall Associates was founded in 1981, made up of two former Epyx employees John Freeman and Anne Westfall. The most successful game of Free Fall Associates was Archon: The Dark and The Light, which was one of the first games published by Electronic Arts and helped launched the publisher's success story. Despite games that had been critcally acclaimed, such as Tax Dodge or the innovatine Murder on the Zinderneuf (which created a new murder mystery everytime a new game would start), none of their later titles could eclipse the success of the first two Archon games. In a later stage of the compay, Free Fall focussed on creating card games, but not at a high success rate.  
The rights to the Archon franchise were sold in 2007, yet a new game based on the license is to be released. 
Free Fall Associates is not defunct, the company website is still updated and online, yet there does not seem to be any new game in development, and the website's content is predominantely dedicated to the legacy of Archon. According to the website, the Archon license is back in the hands of Free Fall associates and the website hints towards a possible mobile phone port, but gives no definite information upon the matter.

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