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My review of freedom fighters

Freedom fighters is squad based 3rd  person action/shooter game. It took me about 15 hours to complete doing nearly all the side missions too. Without spoiling anything heres the basics of the plot. Your a plummer in a different future were soviet russia never died, IT GREW BIGGER. You and your brother are on a gig in ahouse when soviet troops rush in take your brother while your hiding and then leave. From their on you join the freeom fighters rebel force do missions to help liberate new york and so on. The game itself was solid the squad commands worked well and were easy to use. You go into the missions from your base by using a map. At first you have 3 missions  to choose from afther you complete thos another 3 will open and the story will progress. each missions main objective is most of the time to raise flag on the top a building but the missions also have minor objectives which although not required are reccomended since blowing up the helipad in one mission means theres no helicopters there to annoy you in another.
SUM UP: The only real flaw in this game is that sometimes not doing the minor objective made future missions super hard. I played the game on medium difficulty and got through levl in about 1-3 restarts

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