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Freesia York is an 18 years old scout of Squad 7. She roams the desert as an entertainer which earned her the name "Dancer of the Sands". Her business ended when the Empire began their attacks. This drives her to enlist to the militia. Having lost her parents at young age, she grew up a free spirit. However, this also makes her unused to being relied on by other people, to which she finds being a burden. When proposed by a wealthy merchant, she refused, implying that she would never be bound by any man. She has continued her life as a travelling dancer ever since.


  • Desert Bred - Her evasion increases when she's standing on desert terrain.
  • Fancies Men - Her accuracy increases when she's around men.
  • Under Pressure - Being last to take action, her accuracy lowers.
  • Evasion Boost - Her evasion can be enhanced.
  • Nocturnal - Her sight is not hindered at night.
  • Resist Crossfire - She takes less damage from enemy interception fire.
  • Concentration - She can make all shots hit a single point.

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