Can anyone help me get the achievements in this game?

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Edit:  already got the achievements (YAY)

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I'd help you, but I don't own the game. So, I'll just give your thread a bump.

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yeah, that seems to be going around.  Thanks anyway.

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Dont own it. Sorry

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 hey can u tell me who helped you get thoseachievements or if anyone you know that has the game or even you that can help me out and get the achievements that wouldbe awesome if you could just spare maybe what is it 10 minutes -20 minutes helping me i would try to help you in return if i have any of the games that you have and you need help on please thx btw my GT= GamerTag IS.....       XxXMy 8allsXxX                                     P.S i have only hired this game and i will have to return it on in a few days so soon would be good    :)             i have tried on other websites and no-one plays them anymore because they were posted in early 2008 and some people do not reply but i will try to help as many people as i can
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nevermind anyone because no-one helps ever and btw i have to return it to the store so please dont reply to this or send a message to me because iamnot going to hire it again lol 
because i think that the game SUCKS they screwed it up and number 1 was better the card system was bad to introduce plus i reckon that was the reason that no-one ever plays on-line
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@XxXMy_8allsXxX: not that you're not a total asshole or anything, but I never got that message.
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@XxXMy_8allsXxX:  I can help you get the Achievements if you do the same for me in return? huh? whaddya say?

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