So here's what I did today instead of going to class.

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I had class (Italian!) from 2-3 pm, but at 11:45 my roommate texted me and told me that Gabe would be on campus giving a talk from 12:15-1:30. When we got there at 12:20 (parking was a total bitch) he had already started and the room was full, but the lady guarding the door told us that he was going to try to split his time and do a second talk afterward, so we went to the other room and waited until 1:15 before he got there (Valve Time in full effect). He talked until about 2:30 about a ton of interesting stuff, including Valve's corporate structure (or lack thereof), how he believes Apple could roll the living room consoles if they chose to enter the market, how he hopes that Apple won't make a move on it before the Steambox gets other players into the PC living room market, and a lot of the thought process and decision making behind how they handle Steam's store, creating market value, running a free to play game, working with an economist, what they look for in their employees, and more. It was an awesome experience; Gabe's a really genuine guy and opened up about a lot more than I was expecting him to. He also didn't hold back cracking some jokes and cursing more than a few times. Definitely one of those things I'll remember years from now.

To close, here is a picture of Gabe Newell wearing a horse mask.


This one's a little blurry, but a bunch of people yelled "HOLD UP A THREE" and Gabe 'struggled' to hold up a third finger. 
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Wow, great stuff. I would totally ditch class for that too.

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that's pretty awesome duder

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Three is a myth, look at that photo it's blurry just like all the bigfoot and loch ness monster photos.

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Nice! I'm always impressed with how down-to-earth and willing to just talk about random stuff Gabe Newell is. Based on all the interviews and podcasts I've heard him on, he seems like a legitimately cool guy.

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Which Campus? UW? Some Community collage near seattle? Also what did he say he looks for in employees so I can start improving on those factors :D

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Gaben can do no wrong.

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I'm someone who really really needs to respect a person before praising them and calling them great, and I consider Gabe Newell the greatest guy in this entire industry.

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that's pretty cool.

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There aren't too many people who have a vision and, despite universal dissent, persist until it's realized and everyone's opinion changes.

Steve Jobs and Gabe Newell are two of those.

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@McShank said:

Which Campus? UW? Some Community collage near seattle? Also what did he say he looks for in employees so I can start improving on those factors :D

University of Texas at Austin.
He basically said that they try to fill their staff with people who can do more than one thing so that they can draw from all of those areas when they're working on a project. An example he gave was a guy that had an art and animation background but could also program. He would make an art asset for the game. When he got to implementing it and animating it, the programming was very difficult, so instead of dealing with the difficult programming, he went back and changed the art assets to make it easier to program.
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So Jacket from Hotline Miami was inspired by Gabe Newell.

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Worth the ditch. Very nice, indeed.

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@meaninoflife42 said:

So Jacket from Hotline Miami was inspired by Gabe Newell.

That game makes sense now.

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Why is Gabe in Austin? Buying Studios, hiring freshly unemployed game developers? To the rumor machine!

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I just love breaking this one out.

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That's awesome that you jumped ship to listen to him. By the sound of it, it was totally worth it.

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What's the deal with the horse head?

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Awesome as fuck.

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The beard is still awesome, but he needs to grow it out into a full Santa Claus.

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I've run into Gabe in Seattle twice and he was happy to stop and talk both times. Great guy.

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@TooWalrus said:

What's the deal with the horse head?

Dude in the picture apparently had it with him and got it signed (along with a few other things). Then he asked for a picture, and someone said to him "put on the horse head!" Dude started to grab it and Gabe was all "No," and grabbed it himself, took off his glasses, and put it on. Fucking hilarious.
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When will Gaben learn how to count to three.....When!?!?

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@McShank said:

What did he say he looks for in employees so I can start improving on those factors

Here is Valve's employee handbook (dated 2012). That should help!

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