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Known gadget watches

Q Watch v2.01 Beta - Found in the popular Nintendo 64 Goldeneye

The watch provided the player with heath,body armor and mission status updates as well let you control mines and a highly destructive laser pointer.

Joanna Dark's Watch (Gameboy Edition) - Found in Perfect Dark for the Game Boy Color.

Joanna's wrist watch in her gameboy color adventure had the ability to communicate with her boss via a video feed.

Pip-Boy - Found in multiple Fallout games including Fallout 3 and New Vegas
he Pip-Boy is standard equipment issued to all Vault-Tec Vaults. It is a large device that takes up majority of the player forearm but the capabilities seemed endless. You are able to control the radio, health status as well as a GPS system complete with maps and ability to view your inventory
Invis Watch - Found in Team Fortress 2 and used by the spy.
A piece of advanced technology embodied in a digital watch with a partially wooden face and a silver segmented wristband, It lets the spy to cloak himself for a set period of time

Penny's Watch - Found in various Inspector Gadget games.
Penny's uses her wrist watch to video chat with Brian as they help the Inspector complete his assignments and missions

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