Game Boy Infographic

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"The DS marks the death of the Game Boy line." Way to be totally depressing, Nintendo.

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Game Boy Pocket ruled

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I wish they went back to the gameboy, I DON'T LIKE THE FUTURE : (

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Gameboy colour was the poop during primary school!
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The GBA was $150 when it came out?  I totally forgot about that.

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It is actually pretty interesting that more PSPs have been sold than iPhones, and WAY MORE DSs have been sold than either.  I would have thought that, as a phone that does so much more, the iPhone would have a larger audience than a (pretty much) gaming-only device like the DS or even a gaming plus media device like the PSP.  But I guess the smart phone market is pretty crowded, and there are a lot of kids out there with DSs.

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You gotta realize though  the iphone has a contract behind it, big fees and hasn't been out as long as most of these other handhelds.  
I wasn't sure about some of the prices or timeline of a product any corrections would be helpful though. 

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I mean this with the utmost respect for DS owners... 
Fuck you, DS. Backlit GBA SP fo' lyfe!

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