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The GameCube Controller (DOL-003) was released alongside the Nintendo GameCube on September 14th 2001 in Japan. The controller was included with the console and was also available separately.

The controller included 6 digital buttons - A, B, X, Y and Z alongside a start button - 2 joysticks, and a directional pad alongside two analogue triggers with digital button capability.

Haptic Feedback was present in the controller thanks to the inclusion of a rumble motor within the controller.


The GameCube controller was available in a variety of colours - the standard colours were "Indigo"(Purple), "Jet Black", "Platinum" (Silver) and "Spice" (Orange).

Wavebird Wireless Controller:

A wireless version of the controller manufactured by Nintendo which was larger and included a battery compartment and on off switch. The Wavebird was available to purchase separately to the console at a slightly increased price. However, unlike the normal wired controller, the Wavebird did not support Haptic Feedback.

LodgeNet Controller

A version of the controller which included extra buttons in order to navigate the menus of the LodgeNet service which was available at many North American Hotels and allowed customers to have pay-per-play access to GameCube titles.

GameCube ASCII Keyboard Controller

Released only in Japan, this version of the controller has been stretched to contain a full sized ASCII keyboard.

Wii U Smash Bros. Controller

In 2014 Nintendo announced a re-release of the GameCube controller along with a 4-port usb adapter for the Wii U to coincide with the launch of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Other Special Controllers

Limited Edition controllers were released alongside games and through services such as Club Nintendo. These controllers featured unique colour schemes and/or logos. Some controllers were released alongside limited edition coloured GameCube systems. The Japan exclusive Panasonic-Q featured its own special grey coloured, Panasonic branded, controller.

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