Games for Windows Live - More Daily Deals

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Games for Windows Live has some more sales starting. I'm not sure if they have been going for a few days but now that the horror game sales have finished they have started the daily deals again.
Today, which it says is Day 3 is Prototype for $15. Not really a good deal when you consider the $1 sales that we had a while back but whatever, someone might want it.
I think the most important part of these sales is that people can use MS points to buy games instead of a credit card.
I'm going to try and keep an eye on these things for the next few days and I figured I would try to bring some awareness to it because I missed Viva Pinata for $1 a little back and would have loved to have known it was on sale.
NOTE: I am Canadian and I imagine these deals are the same in the states but its probably worth noting anyway.

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