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Gang Beasts is the first title from indie developer Boneloaf. It is a local multiplayer game that primarily focuses on melee combat. The ultimate goal is to force other players out of the arena using their fists and any stage hazards available to them. The game has been Greenlit on Steam with an undetermined release date. The pre-alpha is currently free to download for PC and Mac on their IndieDB page and includes up to four player support with ten levels to play in (three of which are meant for tutorial and test purposes). Boneloaf intends to add much more features to the final product including support for up to ten players, additional fight moves such as kicking and elbowing, and a variety of modes like tournament and team set-up.


In the aftermath of the Great Beef Crash of 1979, Beef City, a mouldering meat production metropolis, is in a state of emergency triggered by multitudes of hostile gangs competing to take control of the streets.


Players have basic mobile control from running around to jumping with the A button (X button on a PS3 controller).

The left and right shoulder buttons control one arm each; Tapping a shoulder button will cause that arm to punch forward and holding the button down makes them grab onto the nearest object, person, or surface. When holding on to something/someone, players can then press the X button (Square button on a PS3 controller) to lift the held object/person. Grabbing with both hands gives the player more leverage allowing them to lift what they're holding on to over their head. Punching an opponent repeatedly in the head will cause them to be temporarily knocked unconscious letting other players pick up their body with greater ease.

Displayed over each player's head is a regenerating health bar and stamina bar. The health bar is depleted from taking damage and when fully depleted, the player will fall into an even longer unconscious state. The stamina bar governs the player's grip, depleting when holding on to something. Once the stamina bar is drained, the player is forced to let go of whatever they were holding on to.

Pressing the B button (Circle button on a PS3 controller) will make the character crouch, potentially dodging an opponent's attacks. When the crouch and jump buttons are pushed at the right timing, the player can perform a super jump.

At any time, pressing and holding the Y button (Triangle button on a PS3 controller) will make the player's character throw their arms up over their head in a sign of victory.

Players are given three lives each and fight each other this way as well as using any stage hazards until there is only one left standing.



As stated in the name, this is more so treated as an introduction to the controls for the players. Everyone is given infinite lives, but the entire stage still resets from the beginning if even one of them falls out of the arena.


Two semi trucks are careening down an endless highway. Up to two players spawn on top of each truck and must push their opponents off while trying to stand their own ground as the trucks move back and forth. On occasion, the trucks will pass by various highway signs that the trucks themselves just barely pass under. Players must either jump or duck the signs to avoid getting knocked off.


A large wrestling ring where players must throw their opponents over the ropes to the outside of the ring to eliminate them, similar to the WWE's Royal Rumble. The ropes of the ring do have physics to them which players can use to gain a tiny bit of momentum from.


A metal walkway shaped like an 8. Surrounding the walkway are large grinders that players must toss their opponents into. These grinders will drag a person in if they are caught, meaning if that person is also holding onto another person, they too will get dragged into the grinder along with them. While there are guard rails all around the outside of walkway, there are a few parts on the inside that are unguarded letting players push their opponents into the center grinders (or allowing inattentive players to walk right in them...).


All players spawn on a window cleaner's small gondola strung high up by four ropes next to a tall skyscraper with a second gondola to the lower left of them. With enough force, the doors on the side of the gondola will open leaving anyone to freely fall off, and with even greater force, the gondola can actually detach from the ropes that are keeping it aloft leaving everyone quite literally hanging. Players can grab and hang from the ropes holding the gondola as an escape and riskier players can try to jump onto the lower gondola where possibly salvation awaits them.


A multi-leveled arena with a conveyor belt that leads into a large furnace in the middle of the room. A short guard rail prevents players from simply walking onto the conveyor belt and into the furnace. In the room are variety of random objects such as small random shapes on shelves and larger boxes that will occasionally come out of the right side onto the conveyor belt, all of which players may use to their advantage. There is also a small room that can be accessed via the door or glass windows.


Players spawn together on the moving gondola of a ferris wheel that is set on a pier. The gondola has no windows or doors and will tilt left and right depending on the weight distribution of the players. The pier itself has many loose boards strewn about, sending those who walk on them straight into the water.


An underground subway station with subway trains zooming past both in the background and foreground at set intervals. Getting hit by the subway trains instantly kills the player making the goal to push and throw your opponents down to either track. At the left side of the arena are ramps that lead up from the tracks back to the station platform allowing players to run back if they are unable to climb up. To the right side are broken escalators and an elevator that lead up to smaller, higher ground. Around the escalators are traffic cones that players can pick up.


Set simply as an open testing ground, this large arena has a variety of moving objects, platforms, ropes, and other such physic-based toys for players to mess around with. In the truck toward the back left of the stage are some AI enemies that will jump out when players get close.


A test stage that sets the gameplay as more of a beat-'em-up. Players spawn on a short street with three groups of AI enemies placed near the beginning, middle, and end of the street. Defeating all of the enemies will spawn a large pink boss enemy at the very end of the road. When a player's health is depleted in this stage, they are considered defeated and will stay down until the stage resets.

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