Pikmin addon

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Something I've been working on for a few months.  Thought you guys might like it!  Plus, a little more publicity never hurts...



If you have any comments or criticism please post!
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That looks really cool.  I might check back here when I get back on my PC.

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RHCPfan24 said:
"That looks really cool.  I might check back here when I get back on my PC."
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I saw this on garrys mod mainpage today.

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Levio91 said:
"I saw this on garrys mod mainpage today."
Be careful, please.  Some douche continues to upload a virus to garrysmod.org pretending to be me uploading this addon.  Please use the link in my first post.
#6 Posted by Tomzombie (400 posts) -

awesome,  pikmin rule

#7 Posted by banned8921 (1246 posts) -

Aska add Levio91 to your steam friends and teach me how to use this. Im going to sleep now buit ill be on tomorow.

#8 Posted by MisterSpiffy (880 posts) -

WOW, that's really nice.  Everything looks so smooth and the animations are great.  I'll surely pick this up.

Oh, and Levio this is for you:

#9 Posted by crummy (5 posts) -

Holy living crap. I know this post is really old but this is amazing.

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Hey thanks man!

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