Well that was amazing (Major spoilers)

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I genuinely loved every second of GoW3's campaign, and I really felt sad when Dom sacrificed himself for the team! I sometimes thought when I was going through the previous campaigns that there would be sections I knew I'd seldom be revisiting, but apart from the underwater section in 3, I found all of it to be unrelenting, and absolutely amazing!!

I think its the increased level of humanity from the characters, you really felt like you were fighting for something, and that it could all go wrong.

Did you guys like it as much as me? Any sections you could have done without, or story sections/characters you werent keen on?

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I think 2 had a much stronger campaign.

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I was surprised by how much Gears 3 got me to like Marcus. This is a character that I otherwise had no sympathy for, no passion for. Gears 3 basically changed all of that.

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Definitely agree. Jim Sterling said in his review over at Destuctoid that there was no standout memorable moment. That was definitely the case, every moment in that game was fantastic and stood out to me.

Though the bits at the end of Act 4, I could go without. The long ass hunt for the rotor and fuel and then the submarine thing wasn't too fun.

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Dom's death was probably the most powerful scene, but lets be honest we all saw it coming a mile off. I for one expected him to get smoked in the last game to help the "dark second chapter" feel they wanted to go for. Also when Baird and Cole land in the raven and have JACK with them, that was awesome. Overall an extremely memorable and exciting campaign that has plenty of re-play value.

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Really enjoyed Gears 3 Campaign. Felt it really was more of an emotional and story driven game to the other gears games which I loved though as well. I really enjoyed every part. Epic way with the piano Mad World with Dom going out as hero (as soon as he took his cog dog tags off I had a feeling he was ready to go and die. Great full circle with Marcus stabbing Queen Myrahh with Doms blade EPIC. I just wish they explained a bit more especially the part when Adam Fenix gives Baird that disc his true intentions with stopping the war from the beginning He said everything is explained on it. We never really got the answer from Gears 1 campaign where Myrahh says why the locust fight this war. Also more backstory of the locust and they danced around the idea, and I am glad they didn't but to me it seemed they where building up Queen Myrahh as Marcus Mom.

Overall best gears game yet.

Quick summary

Game 1 Jack Rip this Door- Introduce locust

Game 2-Where's my wife-Giant Worm sinks cities

Game 3-Where's my dad and Dom-finish the fight. Brothers to the End

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I honestly think this is the best Gears game to date. The campaign is 10x better than the others and actually evoked some sort of emotion out of me and not only that, the existing mode of horde is now inifitely better. Beast mode is a good introduction also.

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Totally agree with the majority. Loads of great moments, Marcus finally felt human and Dom's death was up there with Maria's from the previous game. And finally, I love that we got some closure, I say this as I'm watching the credits roll, I hope I don't end up eating my words...

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It's a great game! The sad parts didn't get me as much, I felt like most of the emotional scenes ended a bit too quick, but it was great none-the-less! People are becoming lambent: great! Ash-city: great! The locusts wanted to inhabit the surface to get away from the emulsion: great! Marcus and the Locust Queen were both trying everything they could to save their race from extinction: great! Oil is a living organism inside the planet: great! We still don't know what the Locust Queen is, or where emulsion came from, but WHATEVER MAN, I can live with some mysteries!

I do wish I would've played it co-op though, cos I felt like there were multiple paths on every level, and I NEVER EVER ran out of ammo. It felt pretty lonely whenever Marcus said "We need to open this door!" and then waddled over there n did it himself :(

@JackBauerCTU225 said:

Quick summary

Game 1 Jack Rip this Door- Introduce locust

Game 2-Where's my wife-Giant Worm sinks cities

Game 3-Where's my dad and Dom-finish the fight. Brothers to the End

Game 1-Carmine dies

Game 2-Carmine dies

Game 3-Clayton Carmine.

EDIT-- Wasn't it cool how Marcus took his bandana off at the end, JUST LIKE THE BOMBCAST SAID? That was perfect for me. I almost wish they hadn't spoiled what he looked like with his armor off in the Quick Look.

Also very cool when he walked out of the building with his gun up, then just threw it away, and threw his armor away.

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@Sooty said:

I think 2 had a much stronger campaign.

I respectfully disagree with you sir.

I personally think GoW2 was the worst campaign of the Gears games. The story was badly written and suffered from the whole '2nd story in a trilogy' syndrome where the plot doesn't really advance. You also spent too much of that game in the Underground, it lacked the variety that GoW3 or even GoW1 had. I felt like the game also lacked the novel concepts that there first game had such as 'Berserkers' or the 'Kryll' (granted GoW3 also lacked some of these novel enemies) The boss encounter with 'Skorge' was also incredibly disappointing, especially based on all the hype that Epic made about the boss.

I think GoW3 is head and shoulders above GoW2 in terms of Campaign (though GoW3 also has much better MP and Horde modes than GoW2)

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I'm glad that Epic finally decided to actually show the characters they'd been using since Gears 1. I know it's cliche to say "the books cover a lot of this stuff and flesh out the world"--and they did--but it's just nice to see that people are realizing Marcus and company are a lot more than "dudebro" meatheads. A comparison I never understood.

Best campaign I've played this year. I'd venture to say it's the best shooter campaign I've ever played. Epic really set a high watermark for me with campaigns in an action game.

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I loved the campaign, the underwater section was breath taking...and creepy since I can't stand open sea or huge underwater stuff.
I do resent the fact that we didn't switch back to Cole and Baird.
Suddenly it was all Marcus and Jace (he's not much of a character ingame really, I kept looking for Dom) and no more flashbacks or switch overs to Cole and Baird.
Which was just silly as you can bet your chainsawed asses it will be DLC on the season pass...which just sounds lame to me, its not really a what if or hey check out what Bernie/someone else not in the main plot much is doing as much as it looks like a piece of content left away on purpose (Assassin's Creed missing sections anyone?).
Besides that, I really loved playing with Cole/Baird/Sam, great characters and especially Cole really got a step up.
Marcus: 3...2...1...
That had me in tears, he's so silly <3

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Finished this game today, some moments sure gave the game a depth I did not expect it to have. There still a lot of questions in my head but overall the game was just great.

Well worth the late, definitely a GOTY nominee for me.

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I loved every moment of the campaign (except for those damn sub parts), but i really hope the DLC goes more in depth on Jace, Sam, Carmine, and all of those new periphery characters that got introduced. Also i loved the under water bit even though it was just an annoying turret bit.

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