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Not deserving to be called a Gears of War Game!

Arcade style game.

Red vs Blue on multi-player is a rip-off from Halo.

Changing the thumb-pad control to change weapons to the (Y) button thus doing away with the Curb-Stomp is unforgivable!

Lower quality COD style graphics suck.

Storyline very weak & final Boss-fight with Karn a complete failure. Worst Boss-fight of all with no real story connection of who he even was!

All DLC was nothing but a few Maps & Skins, Skins & more freaking Skins!!!

Truly, Childish garbage compared to the predecessor's!

People Can Fly I think ruined what could have been a good game.

Clearly just thrown together to turn a profit off of the Gears name!

With Cliff no-longer at Epic it is the end of Gears as we knew it.

Sadly, Gears is dead. RIP you were awesome...


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