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Awwwwww, c'mon! No, seriously. 4

Say bye-bye to Locust skins and Hell No to Red vs Blue...I began my time with the famed Gears of War series a little late, sometime during 2009. Though to this day do I wish I could have been there on day one, to marvel alongside everyone else at such a fantastic game and a promising start to a series. I've enjoyed my time with all three prior Gears games immensely, and while I can't deny that I've gotten a significant amount of enjoyment out of its latest release, Gears of War: Judgment, there'...

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Gears of War: Judgement Review 0

Gears of War: Judgement allows the gamer to take a peek at what happened before the Marcus Fenix story arc. In this game you'll get to play as four different characters, two you're very familiar with Cole and Baird. The other two are Sofia, and a grizzly used to be enemy Paduk. All four of you have been brought up on charges against the Cogs, and it is the retelling of your tale that sees you under the court of Loomis. There's definitely a Gears of War feel to it, but they break it down into bi...

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I was ready to expect “just another Gears game,” except I was pleasantly surprised by what I got to play. 0

If you read my God of War: Ascension review, then you will know that I mentioned the strange spectacle that seems to be plaguing upcoming sequels, and the seeming lack of hype around them. If there was one title on Microsoft’s Xbox 360, then it’s Gears of War: Judgement, the fourth instalment of the huge Gears of War franchise. The title suffers from the exact same problems as God of War: Ascension - it’s on current-generation consoles, is a prequel and doesn't do much to extend on the satisfyin...

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Judge, Jury, and Execution by Lancers 0

The idea of using a chainsaw attached to a gun to cut enemies into pieces might come across to some as a problem with modern videogames, and the concept of overly muscled dudes with soul-patches and gravelly voices wielding these guns doesn’t necessarily help promote videogames as art. It is easy for critics of the industry to forget that videogames, while they certainly can exist as art, also exist for entertainment, and not every game needs to have some deep philisophical “substance” to quali...

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Not Your Normal Gears 0

Gears of War Judgment is the first in the apparently now-venerable AAA shooter not developed by Epic but, instead, by wholly owned studio People Can Fly (people behind the excellent Painkiller and Bulletstorm titles). It is the third major XBox-exclusive franchise that has been developed by a different studio (following Halo 4 and Forza Motorsports). The first one provided a huge change of pace while the second was more of the same. Both were, however, terrific. Now, Gears of War gets its big ch...

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Can Gears stay relevant? Yes, for now... 0

Gears of War: Judgment is the ugly duckling of the Gears of War family. A prequel that comes only 18 months after the trilogy wrapped up featuring supporting characters in lead roles is a recipe for disaster. For a franchise that has been a trendsetter in the past with it’s groundbreaking mechanics and hugely addictive modes like Horde comes a game that looks like a cash grab. It deserves huge credit that in spite of all these rightful concerns, Gears of War: Judgment is a great game that you s...

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Imitation or Innovation? 0

Though a little on the lean side in terms of content, Gears of War: Judgment is pretty good... provided you like third-person Halo games.Shooters are the the video-game equivalent of jazz music. To some people they seem like so much chaos and noise, and many have trouble discerning the subtleties that distinguish one work from another. Through practiced appreciation, though, the connoisseur learns to identify tightly woven patterns of structure and balance, a framework that allows seemingly mino...

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Gears Of War: Judgment Review 0

Gears Of War: Judgement, brought to us by the people who gave us Bulletstorm, is the latest entry in the generation long Microsoft exclusive franchise. Gears Of War: Judgment, brought to us by the people who gave us Bulletstorm, is the latest entry in the generation long Microsoft exclusive franchise. Gears Of War: Judgment, brought to us by the people that… I’m sorry, am I repeating myself? Does this feel like Deja Vu? The point that I’m really awfully trying to get across he...

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Judgment wasn't necessary in the franchise, but works well regardless. 0

I’m an admitted Gears of War junkie. The accessible third person shooter series has been distilled over the last few years, and ultimately met a storyline wrap up in Gears of War 3. I spent a lot of time in Gears 3′s multiplayer, even through to Judgment’s launch. This all being said, I was surprised at Epic’s plan to launch a prequel to Gears, let alone one starring Baird and Kilo Company. The “easy choice” of telling the story of how Marcus Fenix ends up in...

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Not deserving to be called a Gears of War Game! 0

Arcade style game.Red vs Blue on multi-player is a rip-off from Halo.Changing the thumb-pad control to change weapons to the (Y) button thus doing away with the Curb-Stomp is unforgivable!Lower quality COD style graphics suck.Storyline very weak & final Boss-fight with Karn a complete failure. Worst Boss-fight of all with no real story connection of who he even was!All DLC was nothing but a few Maps & Skins, Skins & more freaking Skins!!!Truly, Childish garbage compared to the prede...

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