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The result of a captive Dwarf female gone through the horrific process to become a Broodmother results in the creature's children becoming Genlock. As the results of Dwarven captives, the Genlock are short, stocky and stout people, who show no mercy on the battlefield. Despite their small sizes, Genlock are not push-overs, and can effectivley hold their ground against most any foe, and do not retreat.

Genlock are the most numerous of the Darkspawn because they dwell in the Deep Roads- an area that has expanded into many of the ancient Taigs of Dwarven civilization. Even during times when their is no Blight to call the Darkspawn to the surface, the Genlock are waging a constant war with the Dwarves, who are protecting the last lands of their proud people. Specifically, they are in constant conflict with the Legion- a group of near suicidal warriors who vow to hold the Darkspawn in the Deep Roads untill they die or the Darkspawn are extinct. The Dwarves of the city Orzamar also have a habit of sacrificing prisoners to the Deep Roads, condemning them to fight Darkspawn to their deaths, the fate of female convicts forever unknown to the others.

Genlock fight with most any weapons they can find, from swords, hammers and maces to bows with various styles of arrows. Some Genlock can use magic, becoming Emissaries. They often use offensive magics, usually focusing on fireball related projectiles.

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