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Gideon is the father of Juliet, Cordelia, and Rosalind Starling. Like his daughters, he is a professional zombie hunter, and was instrumental in their training. In the opening sequence of the game, it is mentioned that Juliet's friends think he is a "total D.I.L.F". When his character is introduced during the game, his information card states that: his favorite weapon is his own G.D. fists, his favorite food is a peanut-butter and pickle sandwich, his "skillz" include bone-breaking, life-taking, and baby-making, and an unknown fact, he cries anytime a dog dies on TV. Aside from his super-human strength, he seems to be nearly indestructible. During the final act, when Juliet faces off against Killabilly, he apparently sacrifices himself by riding on a motorcycle filled with explosives right into Killabilly's face. The resulting explosion leaves a large hole in Killabilly's face, allowing a grief stricken Juliet to escape. It is believed until later that the explosion had killed him. Later on, it is revealed that survived, claiming he only suffered an injury to his scrotum as a result. Like a real man, he used a staple gun to fix himself back up.

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