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Gizamaluke's Grotto is a large cavernous dungeon located in the mountains that separate the kingdoms of Lindblum and Burmecia in Final Fantasy IX. It is traversed by the party after Garnet drugs the team and flees with Steiner back to Alexandria. The others mistakenly think she left for the rat kingdom, and head there via the Grotto.
Gizamaluke's Grotto is currently being swarmed by Alexandrian Black Mages, who are killing off Burmecian soldiers in an effort to exterminate them. Zidane and the crew arrive, and using a system of bell-operated doors, pass through the cave eliminating these Black Mages, even seeing Zorn and Thorn, Queen Brahne's twin jesters, along the way.
They eventually arrive to a small room where a young, newlywed moogle couple are having a rather rough honeymoon. The husband is trapped underneath a massive bell, which he cannot escape from. Thanks to the Kupo Nut that Vivi purchased in Lindblum, the husband frees himself, and the team gains a couple of valuable friends. The couple, throughout the game, gives the team little gifts in exchange for more Kupo Nuts (which ultimately gets you the unique Aloha equipment set). After this, the team reaches the last room in the Grotto, only to encounter a mysterious beast. As it turns out, it is the leader of the area, called Master (or Lord) Gizamaluke. Normally he is there to bless marriages and couples, but something is amiss. He has been brainwashed by Zorn and Thorn, and attacks the party.


Master Gizamaluke
HP: 3175 
AP: 5
Items: Ice Staff; Magus Hat; Elixir
Gizamaluke is a relatively easy boss battle. His attacks are Water (single or multiple targets; medium damage), Silence (counter-attack to magic attacks on him), and Tail (multiple targets; strong damage).
He will be easily taken down with Freya's Jump and Vivi's Thunder magic. Zidane is best off focusing on stealing, and Quina for healing.
After his defeat, the game turns its focus on Garnet and Steiner.

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