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Weird little creatures? Check. Big towering beasts? Check. Bare breasts? Check. Insane demi god looking to get rid of his nightmares with revenge? Check. That's right ladies and gentlemen it's God of War all over again, this time in your pockets. God of War: Chains of Olympus is a handheld title exclusively for the PSP from the creators of Daxter, Ready at Dawn Studios. Don't judge this title simply because it's a handheld title because it's as every bit as good as it's big PS2 brothers. 
Ready at Dawn really made God of War: Chains of Olympus the first true killer app for the PSP. They did so by getting everything that makes God of War so insanely good and porting it over to the PSP system without taking away anything. The blood and gore are still there and so are the context sensitive moves that require you to press a certain button which makes Kratos dismember his enemies with flashy brutal moves.
God of War: Chains of Olympus serves as a prequel to the enitre series. It takes place some time before the original, which let's you experience the time when Kratos was a slave to the gods. The story is about Kratos serving the gods of Olympus in return they have promised him that they will get rid of the nightmares that plague his memories. In this title Kratos sees himself taking on a Persian king that has taken over the city of Attica with some enormous beasts called Baslisk. After you kill the Persian king and the Baslisk, the real story starts and it basically has to do with Kratos cursing out loud the he name to the gods, Then all of a sudden while he's screaming towards the sky, the sun all of sudden drops from the sky and Athena tells Kratos that he has to return the Sun God Helios back to they sky as he's been captured. Kratos says he'll do it as long as his memories that haunt his mind are erased. 

 Kratos looking to dig in to your pockets!
 Kratos looking to dig in to your pockets!
The gameplay to Chains of Olympus is basically the same as it's big brothers which of course does not mean it's a bad thing. Kratos has his old Blades of Chaos weapon. If you played the previous God of war titles, than you should not have any problems with them as they play exactly alike. Of course to those of you that never have played any of these titles at all then you also should not have any problems with them. Pressing the square button makes Kratos use his basic attack. Pressing triangle let's him use his strong attacks. Also, if you hold triange it let's him launch the enemies into the air. Of course there's also new weapons like the gauntlet of Zeus, which will serve as Kratos' second melee attack. Although the game usually feels button mashy, you can also strategically string combos. Kratos also has te ability to use magic. For instance, when you kill the Persian King you acquire his magic skill called the Efreet which is a fire beast that let's you consume the enemies in flame. Another thing that returns in this game is the context sensitive moves that made everyone talk about in the original game. Context sensitive moves are basically a sequence of buttons that when pressed at the right time let's Kratos tear apart his enemies with brutal moves. The last thing that Ready at Dawn borrowed from the original is the famous sex mini games that shocked everyone.
 Gauntlet of Zeus
 Gauntlet of Zeus

To sum things up, everything you know and love about God of War is all in this portable version. Although what completely blew was the fact thaat it's an extremely short game. Which of course it has a reason to be short seeing that it's a portable game in the first place. Ready at dawn really made one hell of a game. And it should also be mentioned that graphics in this game are incredible for PSP standard. If you're looking for a game to get yourself lost into for a few hours, seeing that it probably only lasts around 4 hours, and a good game that is, than I highly recommend this game.

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