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Only the end 0

 After watching a trailer showcase a character GOW fans have been talking about before the release for GOW2, Kratos' Brother, I got hyped for the game. The story for the most part follows the same formula like other GOW games, one god is stopping for from achieving your goal and you must kill him/her at the end. Thanatos, the God of death is the main one in this part of the series. I beat the game on the Normal Difficult in under 5 hours, which is a decent length, I wish it was a bit more ...

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For being a God himself, he died pretty damn quickly...Just sayin 0

You get to fuck up King Midas! Who doesn't want to do that?!For anyone out of the know about me and my absolute love for God of War, and all subsequent games in that franchise then you best get to learning about me. I mean, how can't a late teen-aged boy not love a game that is unapologetically overly violent, sex and loose mythology filled? I know my household has/does/will always.Some backstory for this review, like always in my fashion, because I like to help out a little bit. This is the sec...

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With the strongest story in the franchies, this PSP title soars. 0

The ShortPros- The ultimate refinement of the God of War formula- Absolutely beautiful PSP graphics- Full-length God of War game that takes you some crazy places such as Atlantis- Easily the strongest story in the God of War universe- Several slow moments really add to the game- Quite possibly the best game in the franchiseCons- Magic, as a whole, is underwhelming- A few technical glitches pop up now and again- Some of the enemies (the creepy burrowing death women) are really cheap- They removed...

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God of Familiarty? 0

With the trilogy concluded, here comes another sub-story from Ready at Dawn. But is it worth your time and money?   Excellent production values, trademark over-the-top action, memorable last boss battle. Loses steam after a couple of hours, mechanics start to feel dull, boss fights and puzzles are few and far between.   The original God of War took everyone by surprise. No one expected such a high quality hack'n'slash game with excellent...

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