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Definition of badass! 0

 God of War 3 is hands down one of most amazing, epic action games ever made and it will stay at top of that list for some time, since i don't see any game/studio being able to mimic some of amazing set pieces done in this game for few years at least. Officially God of war 3 had huge budget, 44 million $ to be precise and it shows. For most part game is absolutely stunning looking and nothing comes close to it on console market. Shear amount of scale, combined with incredible texture detai...

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A Frankenstein assembly of a visual Masterpiece... 0

March 30, 2010 - God of War III is the conclusive adventure of the story of Kratos and his quest for revenge against the Gods of Olympus. Showcasing the graphical power of the Playstation 3 console, Sony Santa Monica Studios has been able to render a truly gorgeous looking game, although flawed in areas where previous games in the franchise had mastered. Rating a game within a series is different than any one stand alone product because you can't just pin it up again...

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A Great Way to End the Trilogy 0

The God of War series has been one of the Playstation’s most beloved action franchises since it began in 2004, and it’s not hard to see why.   With its fast and brutal combat along with a dark and twisted version of classic Greek mythology, the series has cemented its place in the action video game pantheon.   Now, God of War III is upon us, which concludes the violent trilogy and Kratos’ seemingly endless quest for revenge against the gods of .   While the game can be described as safe from a d...

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It is time for you to satisfy your inner rage. (nerd) 0

Finally, the long awaited end to the trilogy is here….how’s it hold up for me? 10/10….yeah I said it, deal with it. The Good – Let me get this outta the way right now, no, this game is not perfect, nor is any game. The problem is, a lot of cats assume a 10 means just that, to them, I say grow up. Since no game is perfect, then what’s the point of the 10 score? I’m going go with how great I thought my experience was, however flawed it can be. Continuing the Greek mythology themed sto...

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Not what I'd usually go in for 0

When I look to buy a game I tend to plump for ones with a story I think will interest me. I often steer clear of the Call of Duties and Gears of War because I just don't get that sort of broish mentality. This notwithstanding, God of War III is absolutely mother-f'ing awesome. Now this is my first God of War game so I wasn't really sure what to expect and it turns out there isn't really much to it. You're Kratos, you killed you family, murdered Ares, ascended to Godhood and continued your spree....

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Angry Kratos is Back For the 3rd Round 0

When I started playing God of War 3 it grabbed my attention straight away. The opening scene is exciting with you on Gaia's back climbing Mount Olympus going to kill Zeus. This is the part where the game shows its amazing camera zooming out showing a breath taking view of the whole world. After watching the breathtaking view you reach to the peak of Mount Olympus  meeting up with your father, Zeus. Then you get betrayed by Gaia and you fall back to the Underworld and you have climb back up to Mo...

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Kill 'em All - God of War III Review 0

God of War III arrived with sky-high expectations. For one, God of War II sits comfortably near the top of many "best of all time" lists. Beyond that, it is also the first next-gen title in an enormously revered series with a rabid fan-base – anything shy of amazing would be a huge disappointment.  It’s kind of like being the guy that had to follow-up Michael Jordan.  How the heck do you deal with that?Right from the get-go, God of War III doesn’t pull any punches.  The ending sequence from God ...

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God of War III Preview 0

 The countdown has begun to the eagerly anticipated launch of God of War lll in March 2010.  The story picks up exactly where the predecessor leaves off, so there is no catching up to be done. Kratos, with his Titan army, are battling to eradicate the four remaining Gods, namely Hades, Zeus, Helios and Hermes. This story of revenge gives plenty of scope for bloody battles against an onslaught of enemies. Sony have admitted that their biggest challenge was living up to the hype and expectation, ...

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Kratos is out for blood... again. 0

The God of war series (for me) has been an interesting one. On one hand I absolutely love the first one from top to bottom. But I found the second one a little cluttered, with too many mindless box/switch puzzles. So where does the first one lie? well, let me first say that I really hoped that the final installment ( as far as I know) of the Gow trilogy, would recapture the amazing pacing and balance of the original. And GoW III does just that, to a certain extent. My absolute favorite thing abo...

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"I'm Kratos, Destroyer of Gods, and my game is pretty good too!!" 0

“Chaos will reign supreme". The tag-line of the God of War finale says it all, within mere minutes of playing, the world is launched into utter chaos. Which can only mean ONE thing, Kratos Is back, and his mission is far from over. But is Kratos’ 3-game vengeance fulfilled or is he only a mortal man?Story:What is arguably one of the more creative and entertaining stories of the last couple of generations, GoW III continues Kratos’ tale and finally ends his bloody rampage and quest for Zeus’s blo...

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For a God of War fan, this latest game is worth it so much 0

  Sony's God of War series has always served the company well: its high production values, epic scope and simple but fun gameplay have made it extremely popular among casual and more enthousiastic gamers alike. After the acclaim the first God of War received, many clamored for a sequel on the Playstation 3, but SCEA decided to make God of War II a final tour-de-force for the Playstation 2, a swan song, if you will. While that game was loved by lots of people, everyone still wanted to ...

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God of Bore 3 0

The opening sequence of God Of War 3 really sets the scene for the most visually stunning and techically astounding game of this generation. Sadly however this is the only area in the game of such scale and genuine innovation as the game quickly falls into the same formula of it's predecessors, which was fine for two incredibly polished and hardware pushing PS2 title but for the third time round on some much more powerful hardware, one can't help but feel a little dissapointed at what the game a...

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A cinematic thrill ride that never misses a step 0

                It is always difficult to keep a franchise fresh and exciting from sequel to sequel without drastically changing the formula. What were once game play innovations are now commonplace in a sea of lookalike titles that attempt to capture the magic of their competition. Yet, the risks may be too great in reinventing the formula, and the legion of fans that once fell in love with the first game may not take too kindly to an overhaul of their favorite series.  The original God of War...

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By the Books Polished Beauty 0

If God of War (GoW) III could be summed up in one sentence it would be the ones titling this review, but it probably can't, so here goes: GoW III is like a dim friend who makes you feel good about yourself and takes you to exciting places you don't go to alone, but when you do hang out you can't help thinking you should be more mature and stop hanging out with them lest you brain become as poorly nourished as their own. In other words this is a God of War game that plays just like a PS2 game but...

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Hack and Slash and More of the Same 0

So, GoW3. Yeah, not much to say. It's a hack and slasher with Epic (and infested with quicktime events) boss fights. I dont really enjoy hack and slash games, but there was so much hype with God of War 3, so I went and rented it. Well it was incredibly good looking and had a scale I have never seen in games, all running beautifully on the PS3. Thats the good. Here's the bad: Hacky Slashy, boring boring boring. And there's Quicktime events, what the fuck is with quicktime events (granted they mak...

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