Gone Home & GTX 470 heat issues... :(

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This is a question for all gtx 470 owners playing gone home. What kind of temps are you getting?
On max settings I'm hitting 90/95 and on some of the lower settings its not much better. It's weird for a unity game to be so stressing, I've played the witcher 2 and metro on medium to high settings and been hitting a nice 80.
Is it all those high res textures and bad optimization causing the heat? baaa I'm ready to replace this card temp is all over the place for games, any recommendations for replacement?

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I suspect the game is rendering as many frames as possible (theoretically this can reduce input lag but only when you can render 2+ complete frames per screen refresh and aren't being clever and passing in input data at the latest part of the render process) and so running GPUs at their maximum. Driver may not have any sort of profile for it so not even applying the normal Unity driver tweaks (if nVidia have any - I manually changed the AA compatibility flags for the game to match Unity3D).

These issues are being reported across nVidia and AMD on the official tech support forums (which Intel GPUs are kinda not working with the game right now apparently). But it doesn't appear to be everyone (or maybe most people aren't running their cards that close to the maximum performance and don't notice the fans running a bi louder than normal).

The GTX470 is possibly one of the hottest running GPUs that you can buy (got my old one here) but the new cards aren't exactly magical (a GTX760 or even 770 if you want to get another three and a half years out of an upgrade would be the nVidia upgrade path), despite being somewhat lower power (they dynamically overclock until they hit a maximum power draw or temperature to wring the most performance out of the silicon). I hope this game gets a patch at some point that fixes this issue.

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Enabling V-Sync might help?

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@strikealight: Reports (including mine) are that v-sync does not help.

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I did notice that my gpu fans went quite in the high playing this game. Nice to see that I'm not the only one that has this problem.

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@strikealight Yeah Vsync on.

@shivoa Thanks for the detailed info, having a GTX 470 I just instinctively know now when something isn't quite right temp wise. I just spend so much time dicking around with nvidia profiles these days because of poor optimization. Some demanding games are fine other less demanding are smoking the card. I have my custom fan profile in MSI so its fine.

I work on game art as a hobby, mess around in udk / unity so I find the fixing of problems / research of this stuff fascinating but sometimes I just want to play lol.

Yeah I need to research a replacement a bit more thoroughly as long as I have zbrush, 3ds max & RAM! I'm golden, I'll just go play system shock 2 again and that ain't a bad thing.

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