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Goten and Trunks performing the fusion dance as Super Saiyans.
Goten was originally designed to be a replacement for Goku, who had died, which is why Goten was made so strong at such a young age. However, due to fan complaints Goku was eventually brought back as the main character and Goten never took on that role and became a minor character in the series.

Goten is a playful young boy who spends most of his time training and playing with his best friend Trunks or his older brother Gohan. During the ongoing battle against Majin Buu, Goten learns a special technique called the "fusion dance" which enables him to fuse together with Trunks resulting in the much stronger fighter " Gotenks".
Goten appears in the majority of the recent Dragon Ball Z fighting games. He often mistakenly says "Kamekameha!" instead of "Kamehameha!" when performing the signiture move of the franchise, a simple mistake for someone so young. He is usually able to fuse with Trunks in the games.


 Goten as he appears in Dragon Ball Z
Due to the fact that the developers wanted a replacement to Goku in Goten, they made him look extremely similar to his father Goku, even more so than Gohan does; with the only difference being that his skin tone is a paler milky colour like his mother's. As a child he is usually seen wearing a similar fighting uniform to his dad with the most notable difference being the long sleeves. Like Goku before him, Goten inherited Bardock's hairstyle but he later changes it so that he wouldn't get mistaken as his father and vice-versa. Goten's hair as a teenager at the end of Dragon Ball Z is long and tied back and during GT he has his hair standing on end similar to Gohan's but longer and slightly slanted, he also wears more casual clothes.

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