Getting Proto and Super Cars?

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I'm on my second play through and I'll be damned if I know how I got the Proto and Super cars the first time. Beating the Asia Grand Prix is a bastard with just a wing car or a dragster. 
Anyone know how to get either of those?

#2 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5026 posts) -

Never heard of the game.

#3 Posted by BlaineBlaine (595 posts) -

I figured it out. It wasn't very clear in game that by upgrading body types new ones open. Upgrade the Buggy to get the Proto car, upgrade the Proto car to get the Super car.

#4 Posted by neon123 (55 posts) -

Is there any kind of chart for this stuff? And how much do you have to upgrade.. I found sometimes it seems to work at 50%, and sometimes not at all.

#5 Posted by BlaineBlaine (595 posts) -
Yeah. I'm trying to flesh out the wiki but, honestly, the new editing tools are fighting me every inch of the way. I can't use tables because there are no borders. Images won't line up right at all. So for now I am just dumping info and formatting will come later. 
The long and the short of it is body upgrades come around 55%. Wing car and dragster are unlocked. Buggy is also unlocked, but honestly it happens so early I'm not sure what triggers it. 
Same thing with MR and 4WD. There is a trigger but I'll be damned if I can figure out what is causing it.

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