Altered cinematic driving controls?

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So in GTA IV you would hold B, click the left stick (i think) to activate slow motion and cycle angles with the right stick, but in V you are can either hold or toggle the B activation, but then you can cycle angles with the stick, however if you activate slow motion you are locked to whatever angle you activated it in.

Now am I missing something, or does this kinda suck a bit? I used to love whacking it into one of the wide angles, slowing things WAY down and then cycling angles to find a kickass shot to watch things unfold!

Have you guys found a way of solving this issue? I know if you leave it long enough in slo-mo it'll change the angles itself, but rarely when you want it to!!

Aside from that, Game of the Year :D

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I never liked the cinematic view because it's so hard to see the traffic ahead so you will always crash into something. Unless I was driving a tank. Can't help you there bud.

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Wait, you can activate slow motion while using the cinematic camera angle?

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Haven't played with this at all yet, will keep an eye on it and play around with it later.

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I did not know about slow motion cinematic camera. Sorry for not being more helpful, but thanks for the tip!

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I did not know about slow motion cinematic camera. Sorry for not being more helpful, but thanks for the tip!

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Jacking up the wanted level and seeing how long I can survive driving in reverse exclusively on the cinematic camera is my favorite way to play GTA. I don't usually use the slow-mo so any changes to that system haven't really bothered me. To anyone else, I highly recommend playing like this a few times. It feels like you're watching a really ridiculous version of "COPS," and it's fucking awesome.

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I wish cinematic view actually let you stick to one view without it cycling...

#9 Posted by ShalashaskaUK666 (515 posts) -

Yeah its the lack of cycling thats been taken out, GTA IV let you stick the slomo on and then cycle!! For anyone wanting to know how, you go to cinematic angles with B, then click the right stick in for slomo, and THEN you can either push up or down to control just how slow it'll go!! All the way down looks great when there's loads of particles onscreen!! :D

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