Boosting Strength Skill

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So it seems there are a couple ways to increase this skill. You can slap 2000 people minding their own business...or you can just punch a car for a couple minutes with a player inside.

So, if someone is interested in punching my ride, send me a message on PSN. ID - NimbleMynXX.

I'll invite you to a closed session...then we can be...alone...together...totally not creepy...

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Or just play some golf.

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or tennis - I found the tennis better than the golf (well less bad anyway)

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or you can just punch a car for a couple minutes with a player inside.

This explains why I got my strenght stat up....

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I've punched a lot of deck in my days, but never a car.

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I get together with friends and host a deathmatch but we agree to only use melee weapons. It's pretty hilarious sometimes.

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I never understood why Rockstar didn't bring back the gym and fighting schools. That would have been a nice feature to boost up strength.

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Oh sure, they have tennis, but is there a fight club? Noooo...

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