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Who is He?

A flawed, but thoughtful individual found in the Shrine of Storms. He can sell the player some rare arrows if rescued from his cell. He will appear in two locations if rescued.

How do I Rescue Him?

Although there are multiple quick shortcuts in the Shrine of Storms, if you wish to unlock Graverobber Blige, you really can't use them. The first thing you need to do is get the key to his cell.

Getting the Key

  • From the start of the Shrine of Storms, go up the stairs until you're under the arch with the two Archer Skeletons.
  • Make a left and proceed, hugging the left to dodge the trap's arrows.
  • Go up the stairs at the end of the corridor, and make a right, towards the skeleton that's standing guard on top of the arch.
  • Kill him and you should be on the spot that the two archer skeletons were firing at you from, on top of the arch.
  • Keep going to the end of this path, and follow the stairs down. Be careful here.
  • There is a potentially fatal trap down here. Your best bet is to stand at the bottom of the stairs (not on the stairs), run to the pressure plate, then run back to the bottom of the stairs. Three arrows will fire at this plate's position from two different directions (six total). Or... you can just not step on the plate.
  • After the plate, grab the yellow shiny, and you've grabbed the Copper Key. Yes!

Getting to Blige

  • From the arch, under the two archers, make that left and up the stairs.
  • Go left instead this time, you should see an archer skeleton above.
  • Run underneath him and make a left, following the corridor until you get to the fork in the path.
  • Make a right, down the little set of stairs. Attack the wall there, and you'll be able to proceed.
  • Follow this corridor until it splits.
  • Make a right and go straight.
  • You should see Blige hanging out in his cell. Activate the gate and talk to him to rescue him.
After being rescued, Blige will remain here, as well as appearing a little ways after the Adjudicator archstone, in a corridor.

What Happens if I Kill Him?


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