Finally coming to PC, December 10th

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Greed corp the game that came out earlier this year for PSN and XBL  is finally coming to PC via Steam.  
It will cost $10. 
And for the long  wait they rewarding  pc gamers with some new and improved features 

New Features

Tutorial – completely overhauled to now convey the mechanics, strategies, consequences and overall gameplay nuances required to be successful
Campaign – the difficulty and level progression requirements have been eased. The time per turn allowed for each faction is now different beginning with unlimited time in the Freemen campaign, the first campaign played. Winning a level is also no longer required to progress with the introduction of a new points based mechanic. Points unlock new maps
AI – players no longer have to wait for the game AI to finish its turn. Just hit the ‘End Turn’ button
Steam Integration – full integration of Steam functionality including Steam Achievements 
I highly recommend this game and will be buying it again for the PC on December 10th
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Difficulty has been eased?  WTF?  I bought the game last week on XBLA sale for $2, and it's a neat game but super easy and basic.

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I bought it already for both myself and a friend.

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Hm, I just saw this on Steam and it seems interesting, but I'm still a little confused (and I don't want to watch the QLEX, I really dislike those). Up until now I haven't really heard anyone talk about it. So, uh, any good? Worth getting?

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@BeachThunder: it is really good, A great turned based strategy game for only 10$. It is really hard to explain but you should definitely watch the QLEX is is actually really good, sold me on the game anyway :) 

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