Best Pc build for starcraft 2?

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Can someone help me find a build with monitor and windows 7 include.

It has to run starcraft 2 and diablo 3 and guild wars 2 on atleast high settings.

#2 Posted by Subjugation (4718 posts) -

You really have to lay out a budget first.

#3 Posted by mordukai (7140 posts) -

@topguildwars: Geno made this thread. Check it out then figure out what you want to build.

#4 Posted by topguildwars (7 posts) -

@Subjugation said:

You really have to lay out a budget first.

yes,you are right,but i don't know how to do it??

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How much can you spend? That's what he means by budget. You can build a computer for $800 or $3000 USD. Also GW2 and D3 aren't out yet, specs are unknown still to my knowledge.

#6 Posted by topguildwars (7 posts) -

thank you so much more kinds of news,if i need,i will tell you

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