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Hey fellow gamers!

Guild Wars 2 is right now one of the most hyped MMORPGs out there, and it's obvious that many of the mmo fans are looking for news and other information regarding GW2.

I'm a huge fan myself and I was bothered by the fact that there wasn't a single simple and clear site, where I can get all the new information easily. Therefore, me and my friend started our own page, which is located at It isn't just any random site, we're doing this so the fansite could become a large site that has guides, videos and more to offer. The goal is to make a site where the players will come for news and help even after the game has been released.

We have been running the site for just over a month and really any help would be awesome. Just visit or comment on our posts - it would be awesome of you.

Also if you want to write something on your own, write an article about anything regarding Guild Wars 2 (why you want to play, compare it with other games, talk about the races, share you opinion, etc.). We're trying to create a site where anyone can write almost anything. The goal is to make a fansite for the fans by the fans.

Thanks for reading. I'm sorry if I somehow made it look like I'm only spamming. I actually just really want feedback from fellow Guild Wars 2 fans. Can't make a fansite for the fans without the fans, right :D

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Thanks for the welcome! Great to know that I'm not the only one from the GiantBomb community to manage a GW2 site :D

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Looks like a neat take on info-sharing with an opinion aggregate. I'll make sure to keep this on my GW2 blog radar. Thanks for sharing!

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You done gone made a good website.

Good on you.

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