Guild Wars 2 -First Hints at PvP System in GameTrailers Interview

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It's gonna be 'Server 1 VS Server 2 VS Server 3'...

I once dreamt up an open PvP mechanic for World of Warcraft. Players queuing up from their homerealm for a dedicated open pvp realm that's entirely designed for open PvP - Wartorn Azeroth Exclusively Filled With Open PvP-Relevant Content. Sounds like Guild Wars 2's gonna do something pretty much like that. Only instead of factions, it's your homeserver community VS other servercommunities. A weekly persistent campaign of war between 3 servers.
How awesome will this 'Server VS Server VS Server' PvP concept be for the community of any given realm? WE STAND UNITED! Brothers in Arms. My excitement for this production is through the roof.  I might finally get past my MMORPG malaise and return to true fascination for the genre.
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In previous interviews, they mentioned that the battle's difficulty would scale to the number of players. But I wonder what would happen if only one player participated? That wouldn't be very appropriate flavor-wise; perhaps there is some sort of minimum player limit? 

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That sounds pretty neat. The thing that bugged me about factions in WoW was that you couldn't interact with them in a PvP setting. This sounds like it would be pretty great, especially if they keep track of stats and all so it becomes all the more competitive.

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That was about dynamic events. PvE. PvP is player versus player.  As far as I know this is the first hint at what they're up to PvP-wise. A sentence or two in this video.
Difficulty of dynamic events will scale. More players = Higher difficulty.
Of course you cannot one-man a big boss event. Also, you'll never run into that situation.
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I think he means the number of people competing in the server vs. server.  My guess it will be similar to the alliance battle format where there was some type of limit.  Then again I could be completely wrong, we will just have to wait and see.

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