Yak's Bend WvWvW domination.

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I was really interested in jumping into WvWvW, but every time I press 'b' and see that Yak's Bend has 300,000 points and the other servers have a maximum of 50,000, I really just don't want to. Complete and utter destruction of the other servers is just boring, I want a challenge, and I'm hoping in the coming weeks we get some better competition or a server move may be in my best interest. The problem lies in that, Yak's Bend has the highest population, which in turn means more guilds and a higher chance of skilled PVP guilds on the server. Some server has to be the best, but I just wish it didn't feel like Tyson in his prime Vs. 3 year old Justin Bieber.

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@yyninja said:

After each WvWvW period (2 weeks, i think), the winning server competes against other winning servers so the competition will get better.

ahh, I was thinking after the two weeks we would just be paired up with two more random servers, and the face stomping would continue.

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Things will change when we go up against some of the stronger servers. We were only 3-3 after BWE1 & 2 IIRC (some servers were 6-0).

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I got in after about 20 min of waiting and only hand enough time to kill 2 people in a field, save a fort that was on the brink of certain doom and chase down 3 bad guys only to be left behind to fight all 3 of them under water alone.

Fun times

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Whilst I agree that steamrolling other servers takes away some of the fun, there's still plenty to be found in WvW. Defending our points on the borderlands is a constant challenge and there's enough roving bands of mad men around to keep you on your toes. What disappoints me is that I've been kicked out of WvW several times over the last few days so the game could balance servers against each other, and every time it resets, nothing has changed.

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It is a bit disappointing when we own everything, but it just means that the enemy will attack with their full strength. Spent a good hour or so in WvW yesterday and had several big scale battles, stealthily attacked a supply camp with another guildie, and captured a fort. And while I couldn't get into the battlegrounds, the territory there was pretty even, so there's a lot to do there.

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As a resident of the Anvil Rock server, I extend to you Yak's Benders my sincerest of Fuck You's.

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This was always going to happen, since Yak's Bend has been pretty much the server of choice for many fans of the original GW and there are several large guilds on there besides Giant Bomb. Once we're teamed up against other powerhouses, it should be a bit more interesting.

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That's just the total points tally. The actual skirmishes are fun regardless of how well the overall war effort is going - just because your server dominates the wareffort, doesn't mean that you won't have a good fight, or even be beaten to pulp by a superior force.

Usually these massive point disparities come from servers having more active communities at off hours - i.e. Yak's Bend is full of Europeans from GiantBomb, and likely some other sites too, whom can take over keeps and towers and what have you, facing way less resistance from the opposition... that is, until matchmaking starts to pit Yak's Bend against other servers with a similar community make-up.

Since it's all about the fight, and WvW queues are always in place for all 4 WvW maps at peak hours, regardless of which homeworld you're from (I strongly assume) - there's an equal number of fighters for each server in WvW at these times. An even playingfield and somewhat fair and compeitive fight is absolutely ensured.

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@mikeeegeee said:

As a resident of the Anvil Rock server, I extend to you Yak's Benders my sincerest of Fuck You's.

Could be worse, you could be from Borlis Pass.

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Go Yak's Bend!

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