Your Plans for the Upcoming Beta Weekend (April 27th - 30th)

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I plan to play 3 classes. One each day. The 3 classes least likely to be played as my main at release (Female Human Mesmer, Male Charr Engineer, Female Norn Ranger). One character for each available race.

  • I'll play the introduction and the first area or two for each race, to get a feel for the personal story and the general PvE event & progression mechanics.
  • I'll visit each available racial city.
  • If there's a 'lvl-up instantly to lvl 30' NPC like in the press beta, I'll visit Lionarch and dedicate a large chunk of one day to the Ascalonian Tombs dungeon.
  • Mainly though, I will focus on World vs World (it's the first time ever World vs World is going to be played for reals) and structured PvP. Something I won't start doing until I hit lvl-cap with my main character at release.

What about you guys? Already got a battleplan to get exactly what you want out of the upcoming event? Other than losing a tonne of sleep? *I already hear god snickering at my audacity of making plans...*

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Friday will be spent getting making my character, getting used to the game and doing some general exploring. Saturday and Sunday will then be a mix of PvE and WvW.

I'm just gonna main one character for this weekend, although I might make some others just to see the character customisation. My main will probably be a human ranger, as that's what my first character on GW was, and I don't plan on playing one in the full game.

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I plan on going in to a GW2 gaming coma, I shall plug myself in eat at stupid times sleep only when the tooth picks in my eyes break and generally reduce my life expectancy by 2 years.

#4 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

To launch it and try to comprehend what I'm seeing.

#5 Posted by Jack268 (3368 posts) -

Just gonna play human thief through the entire weekend to get my shit figured out for the actual release.

#6 Posted by geirr (2834 posts) -

I'll try, oh, everything.

#7 Posted by selfconfessedcynic (2717 posts) -

I'll probably...

  • Try out the character creator for every race
  • Make a Norn Necromancer and a Charr Guardian - the former because both the class and race are something I'm interested in but probably wont play for a while after release and the second because I'll prob never play charr in the real game and want to see if Guardian is the right fit for my first character
  • Play the first one in PvE for most of the weekend and the second one in PvP when we have a group together or after I'm bored.
  • I'll definitely try out at least one dungeon with that necro - so we'll see whats out there
  • I'll explore both the charr and norn home cities, but prob none of the others as I want to keep them a surprise for now.
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  1. Make a norn necromancer (my last planned character race, and one of the three profs I'm not planning to play)
  2. Scrape the remodeled LA clean
  3. Try to avoid playing any personal story
  4. Fail to avoid playing any personal story
  5. Do as much WvW as possible
  6. Blame any structured PvP failures on the fact that I'm still using my shit PC
#9 Posted by Adamsons (877 posts) -

Hammer PVE.

Really just want to get a feel for both ranged and melee to confirm which class I will play on release.

#10 Posted by Shikon (187 posts) -

i'm going to make a human ranger to see if i like it.

i'll mostly being doing pve and general exploring around.

#11 Posted by Jack_Lafayette (3771 posts) -

@Adamsons said:

Hammer PVE.

Really just want to get a feel for both ranged and melee to confirm which class I will play on release.

Since every profession has the tools to operate at most ranges effectively, it should come down to which mechanics and flavor you like the most.

#12 Posted by Kri0s (102 posts) -

Try to get a good feel for how each profession is playing(if thats possible in one weekend) and get my skills up to par for launch, whenever thats gonna be

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