anyone else have this drum problem??

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so suddenly one day im playing and my yellow symbol doesn't register, i try everything, restart, unplug, change stuff, re sync. nothing. But i got it to register, the only problem is i have to whack the shit out of it for it to register. anyone else have this happen or any help on this situation.

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That's called poorly made hardware.  Just surf the Guitar Hero World Tour forums for about five minutes and you'll see what I mean.  =  /

My advice?  If you seriously want to have a good set of drums that will last for a while, invest in an Ion Drum Rocker set.  It's backward compatible with World Tour and the Rock Bands, but moreover, it's a very sturdy and pretty setup.  You've got four pads, three cymbals, all heavy duty that can take a beating, and each pad is velocity-sensitive to two different levels.

Only bitch is that the set costs, like, $300.
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Get a USB to Midi interface for your drums and fix their sensitivity through a PC! =) << Red Octane will give you one for free.

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