Controller problems (PS3)

#1 Posted by Karn (714 posts) -

So I have no idea how to connect the controller to the ps3. I hit the magical ps button which causes it to light up for a few seconds and then goes blank. Same thing with the drums.

#2 Posted by Akeldama (4351 posts) -

plug in the usb jack ?

#3 Posted by PeasForFees (2418 posts) -

Why is this in the GH WT page

#4 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7468 posts) -

You have to press the PS button and the button on the receiver for the guitar at the same time. I think.

#5 Posted by Karn (714 posts) -

Whats the receiver?

#6 Posted by Pictoben (78 posts) -

Hmm I'm having problems also - I recently picked up a copy of GH: Aerosmith (hey, it was reasonably priced, ok?) and just went on to but Word Tour Today. 
Now the Aerosmith bundled guitar is to my mind, just the standard GH3 era controller, and should from what I've read smattered aruond the internet (in places like Joysiq (here: ) be working with World Tour. 
Grand. Except it blatantly doesn't The received being mentioned above needs to be pressed the first time you pair a guitar controller with it, after that it's auto-pairing. So the controller works fine in the PS3 menus, but there's just nothing to be had within the game (excepting that the PS Home button works like normal, then all the guitar controls can browse the menus just like usual). 
This is a clear compatibility issue, it sucks, and is generally why I game with consoles and not PCs. Nice one Activision. You douchebags. 
I'm giving it a few days of looking for a solution, then I'm selling the lot used.

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