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Gyroids have multiple functionality purposes found throughout the Animal Crossing series. Unearthed Gyroids, found within all three installments, can be placed within ones home as furniture items and used as entertaining purposes as they produce various tones of noise. These Gyroids can be found outside by unearthing them with shovel in marked areas within the game-play of the town, by means of trade or occasionally lost and disposed quarters within the town's limits. In the first installment, a player's house in Animal Crossing is assigned a Gyroid, permanently allocated outside, for functional purposes that allow for managing and saving the games progress.  In Animal Crossing: City Folk, Llloid the Gyroid runs the Auction House in the city.  

Fun Facts 

  • Gyroid is also a reference to "gyrating clay figurines", and can be typically found throughout Animal Crossing.
  • The front porch  Gyroids in Animal Forest ceaselessly move, resembling a particular dance, and will continue at a faster pace as a player passes by closer to them. Another Gyroid that remarks this dance is Lloid of the Animal Crossing: City Folk Auction House.
  • The Gyroid Bust found in Pikmin 2 resemble Gyroids the Animal Crossing series. 
  • Gyroids have made appearance in some of the WarioWare games.
  • Cappy of the Kirby series resemble Gyroids. Curiously, Cappy was created before the release of Animal Forest.
  • Coco, an inhabiting rabbit villager of the Animal Crossing series, strongly resembles outdoor Gyroids.
  • Gyroid's identetity in reality are known as Haniwa figurines.

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