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It's safe to say that the Syndicate has some eclectic employment policies. While street toughs and thugs are obvious choices for a criminal gang, Mr. X's organization is quite happy to recruit ninjas, whip-wielding dominatrixes, men with Jet packs, wrestlers and other assorted weirdos, including half-clothed, vaguely-Chinese martial artists.

The games' heroes encounter their first Hakuyo on the back of a truck, where he challenges them to single combat as some bikers watch on. While Hakuyo has some pretty good moves, including a handy anti-air kick, a chi-based short-range fireball and a flying kick, he's still not quite tough enough to pose much of a threat on his own.
Luckily for him, this is just about the only time that he attempts to do so, and when players encounter him afterwards he usually has some help.
Hakuyo's most annoying trick is to make his entrance by dropping in from the top of the screen and landing on the player with a kick. Fortunately, potential victims are given some warning by Hakuyo's yelling and rather conspicuous shadow.
Later versions of Hakuyo have names like Byatcko, Ko-Shu, Ryokurou etc. 
Hakuyo is a predecessor to the more menacing Tiger and Fabio enemies in Streets of Rage 3, whom possess his attacks, but also are able to block.

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