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Halo 3

When I first found Halo: Combat Evolved all those lovely years ago, I was young and foolish and considered it to be the best first person shooter since Half Life.  A few years later Halo 2 came out, and I awaited it again with anticipation and when I finally played it, I finished it, played multiplayer with my friends for a while, and then finally put the controller down and returned to Halo: Combat Evolved.  The problem with Halo 2 is that it took the same storyline as the first Halo and editted it and added the Gravemind into it.  Then there was also the cliffhanger ending that could have been so much better if they just added on to it and actually left it like a proper chapter.  It took me seven hours to complete Halo, and only four to complete Halo 2.
Needless to say I was then dubious about Halo 3, although willing to play it just to complete the storyline and actually finish Halo 2 as I saw Halo 3 as more an extention of Halo 2 rather than it's own game.
It did, in fact, take me by surprise.  The graphics were better than what I'd been led to believe in the trailers, but unfortunately the constant bright light throughout levels could have given a lesser man a migrain.  Playing next to the Arbiter was okay I guess, and in multiplayer I was the Arbiter rather than a nameless Spartan that didn't appear in any of the cut scenes.  The campaign took me about four hours to complete on Heroic and it really did feel like an add on to Halo 2.  With that out of the way and the poorly acted campaign gone, I tried online a few times with my brothers.
I didn't like it.  Okay, you had Sword Slayer and Rocket Slayer and Team Slayer which were all either pretty cool and new or still pretty cool but honestly I found it tiring and frustrating to the point where it felt like a chore to kill people.
Not only this but driving controls were clunky and the Warthog was still as tricky to drive as ever and the new Mongoose was about as easy to steer around maps, although a pretty cool idea.  Ghosts are about as overpowered and underarmoured as ever but at least you get more chance to splatter people with them now and it seems that the sword is even more unbalanced than before because you can B-tap it rather than Trigger-tap it and allows you to strike about twice as fast although without the extra speed lunge of the Trigger-tap, but on a sword on sword fight B-tapping allows you to win if you can pull it off.
The gravity hammer was really appalling as far as I could tell and I felt it was too slow to be effective, as was the Spartan Laser which is like the Redeemer + BFG 9000 forced into a single shot.  The weapon may actually be useful if you got more than 5 shots with the weapon but then again it does destroy vehicles in a single hit of which there was only one decent vehicle and that was the Chopper which unfortunately is regarded as the worst vehicle in the game by a lot of people but I rather like it.
Weapons like Sniper Rifles were the same as always and weapons added in Halo 2 have been balanced a bit more with the exception of the Sword.  The Battle Rifle is a viable option for me now as is the Carbine if I can be bothered to play the waiting game rather than just run gungho into a horde of the Covenant and start kicking stuff like the power armoured super soldier that I'm playing.
By far the most fun I've had from Halo 3 is Forge mode by making small traps and zombie maps and having to run around like a headless chicken in an effort to kill the zombies but ultimately failing miserably.
I can enjoy the game if I play it once in a while but the players often spoil it with their whining and moaning about when I kill them and their constant jeering and taunts when they win, but let's face it; it isn't Call of Duty 4 which has a much better online mode of play, but I suppose having a plasma gun is a redeeming factor no matter how crap it is.
Okay, it's playable and you can have fun if you enjoyed Halo 2, but personally I felt that Halo 3 was the weakest game of the series despite being the one that added so much game play to it, which in hindsight is probably why it's the weakest.  If I had played Halo 2 and enjoyed it I would have enjoyed Halo 3 a lot more but I guess that because I felt that Halo 2 was such a failure and that Halo 3 had less enthusiasm about it's release, but then again you can't stop fan boys and girls, or hype.

Posted by Darmort

That should be 2 stars not 4... -.-
*note to self start using Firefox while at college*

Posted by boko52

"but honestly I found it tiring and frustrating to the point where it felt like a chore to kill people."

aww didums lol go play pokemon stadium if its such a chore xD and the players will always be there in any game you play, gotta deal with it or turn it off

Posted by Daniel_Newton

You know, I love it when people complain about "unbalanced" weapons.

Take the sword which you seem to have a deep hatred towards, why do you think there is only one sword on each map? Because it can kill people in one hit. That doesn't make it "over-powered." You just have to play strategically, either get to the sword first or when you find out who has it, kill them from a distance so they can't hit you with it. If that person does manage to slice you up, you were either unlucky or you weren't playing strategically enough.

You probably weren't playing strategically enough.

Oh and if you can't ignore people teabagging you online after they have killed you... then you're just as bad as them. Be the bigger man and ignore it, and if you absolutely can't ignore it then just think of it as all the more reason to kill them all, who knows - it might get you playing the game more.

Posted by Darmort

Pokemon Stadium... now that is a chore.  As I said, I can play it once in a while.

I mentioned the sword once (twice if you count me saying that it's still unbalanced) during my review, and that was to say it was a one shot one kill weapon.  The lunge isn't really long enough to make it effective against longer range players and in general looses out to the shotgun, which, lets face it, is possibly the coolest looking weapon in the game, but it's not that I dislike the sword, it's that I don't see it as being a viable option.  If I see someone with a sword, usually they're dead before they're anywhere near me.  If I have a sword, usually I'm dead before I can use it unless you jump up behind people and stab them with the pointy end.  I suppose the sword suffers fromm SpLaser Syndrome, or the SpLaser suffers from Sword Syndrome, in that it has one or two useful instances where I found it.  The only thing about the Sword is that some people, like me, can B-tap with the Sword and others, like one of my brothers, can't B-tap with the sword and so in a Sword duel I'll come out on top over him.  Sure there may only be one sword on maps, like there is one rocket launcher or one SpLaser, but then again I've always been a simple guy and a machine gun or shotgun has always done me just fine (hence why I can't snipe for gil on First Person Shooters).

And by strategically I'm seriously hoping you don't mean using a Sniper Rifle...  Well, I'm joking on that but I usually find my favourite guns and just stick from there, usually keeping to close ranged combat with Maulers, Spikers, SMGs, Shotguns and Assault Rifles.  On bigger maps the Carbine and Battle Rifle are fine, provided I have a closer range weapon on me as well.

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