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New map Solace, new Dominion (territories) mode, and final game Loadouts:

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Here's a good rundown of the new armor abilities and modifications:

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Very impressive. Graphics look great and a lot of the changes made to the gameplay seem smart. A decent evolution of some of the stuff from Reach combined with a little CoD...I'm not sure how the Halo purists will feel about it, but it looks pretty great to me.

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Is that the same commentator? He sounds abit off... Other than that though this looks alright. But my biggest problem with the last few Halo games were not the weapons, vehicles', or the fundamental gameplay. It was the maps. They fucking sucked. Reach especially had some of the worst maps i've ever seen in a shooter. If they can get that right, and reintroduce big sprawling maps that encourage the use of vehicles' and ground combat that might make Halo interesting again. For me at least.

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The announcer is horrible now, but everything else seems cool. Love me some Halo, and I hope that PC rumor is true... prolly not though. Kinda didn't like the loadouts in the beginning but they seem balanced the more I watch.

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@Chaser324 said:

A decent evolution of some of the stuff from Reach combined with a little CoD...I'm not sure how the Halo purists will feel about it

Even though they're borrowing certain elements (instant respawn, hit markers, grenade indicator, join in-progress, etc.) the games will still play differently. I'm just relieved that they will support classic stripped-down game types and that MLG will be the first to get their hands on the game. Halo has always been about balance within a diverse sandbox and kill times are longer to allow for more individual decision-making, whereas there's just not as much nuance to the shooting or variety to the encounters in CoD.

@BoOzak said:

Reach especially had some of the worst maps i've ever seen in a shooter.

Amen to that. I don't know if the guys that knew what they were doing had left by then, but Bungie lost touch with what makes a good Halo map - lines of sight, equidistant pathways, consistent geometry, and every space having a purpose.

Perfect map design.
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The sounds are weird, but everything else looks solid.

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Looks awesome I just really hope we get some decent maps this time, Halo Reach really dropped the ball in that department, only a handful were good to play. Those promethean weapons seem very underpowered compared to the regular Halo weapons in every video I've seen, still really looking forward to see what they've done with Halo MP in general.

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Man, the commentator is horrible, compared to the old one, but apart from that it looks like good ol' fun Halo.

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I really don't like the new announcer. :(

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So much Halo. The Dominion video made me realize how much I'm going to miss Invasion.

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@SoothsayerGB: iron sights in Halo? Never. That's the grenade button.

You get a real sense that the Devs want to go forward, while the original and loudest fans are stuck playing Vanilla.

It's more that original Halo fans want to avoid another Reach situation where the developer caters to the social/casual community and ignores the players that actually understand the game. I'm going in with an open mind, but if the new abilities turn out to be gimmicks then hopefully they will be left out of competitive play in favor of traditional simplicity.

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@SoothsayerGB: Halo is more of an arena type shooter, adding iron sights would change the whole pace of the game, there was an interview with Bungie or 343i (I forget) which answered this question, plus this game does not need iron sights, it may feel off to you, but it makes it feel unique and it is not a step backwards ADS isn't an improvement or evolution, its just a design choice, you may fee like that, but majority of don't want that is because again it would change the whole game, and wouldn't be Halo.

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Dominion looks amazing, probably be my go to game mode for Halo 4.

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Totally tits.

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