What Kind of toppings do you like/hate on your hamburger ?

#1 Posted by Xsnipd (114 posts) -

What would you put on your ultimate dream hamburger.

#2 Posted by Scorched (748 posts) -

cheese, lettuce, bacon, and ketchup

#3 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

Cheese and Ketchup basically the main.

#4 Posted by gersan93 (139 posts) -
Scorched said:
"cheese, lettuce, bacon, and ketchup

Same as Scorched, this is the best burger for me.
#5 Posted by TimeWaffle (967 posts) -

cheese lettuce ketchup mayo pickles bacon and burger

#6 Posted by NoExtraLife (216 posts) -

kira knightly

Oh all right then, Bacon, bacon, some cheese, more bacon and 1 peice of lettuce

#7 Posted by Jrad (638 posts) -

Cheese & Ketchup.

That is all.

#8 Edited by MrRetep (83 posts) -

Anything Except Pickles. I HATE PICKLES!!!!!

#9 Posted by Shocker (2324 posts) -
Jrad said:
"Cheese & Ketchup.

That is all.
Same here
#10 Posted by wrench_face (2 posts) -

just ketchup, or perhaps catsup if I'm in the mood for something foreign.

#11 Posted by Shigginator (145 posts) -

The obvious meat patty (x2 for me) and buns, with cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, tomatoes, bacon, and ketchup

#12 Posted by John1912 (2165 posts) -

Ketchup, mustard, swiss cheese, and bacon

#13 Posted by Mudkip (15 posts) -

In this order:
Gherkins (I think you guys call them Pickles?)
Tomato sauce
Meat patty

Oh god.. *Drools all over computer*

#14 Posted by PharoahCapcom (472 posts) -

Like:Mayo,Ketchup,Salt,Pepper,Lettuce,Cheese,Bacon,Sauteed Onions

Dislike:Mustard,Semen,Fresh Onions,Pineapple,Tomato Sauce,Pickles,Spit
#15 Posted by BigPoppaHerpes (59 posts) -

melted swiss cheese
more cheese
spicy mustard

#16 Posted by Someguy0504 (30 posts) -

cheese, ketchup and a nicely cooked piece of beef. Maybe lettuce, but anything else is pushing it.

#17 Posted by NeoTheta (231 posts) -

2 pieces of meat, and ketchup between every layer. ooooooooooooooooooooooooh yea.

#18 Posted by zeus_gb (634 posts) -

A burger with lettuce, onions and brown sauce will do for me.

#19 Posted by Artemis_D (831 posts) -

I can't stand having mayo on my burger.  All I need is lots of cheese, lots of onions and lots of ketchup. 

#20 Posted by DJ_Lae (671 posts) -

I like to keep it simple. Thick patty, mayo, ketchup, and a bunch of relatively neutral vegetables - onion, lettuce, tomato, and pickles.

I like plenty of other toppings, of course, but not all at the same time. Bacon, cheese, mushrooms, mustard, relish, etc.

I don't like barbeque sauce or pineapple on my hamburger.

#21 Posted by eisenhorn2k7 (28 posts) -

Hmm lets see, for a traditional hamburger i guess, toasted buns, lettuce, tomato, pickles, mayo and a heffty amount of ketchup, 2 patties and 2 slices of cheese.

If i want to go all out, toasted buns again, lettuce, tomato, jalapenos, salsa, ranch, 2 patties and 2 slices of cheese.

#22 Posted by CharleyTony (1021 posts) -

bun (bottom), bacon, cheese, huge stack of beef, ketchup, mayo, onions (diced), one slice of tomato, lettuce, mustard, bun (top)

extras: frank's red hot sauce, bbq sauce, diced peppers

I hate pickles, prefer relish...

#23 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

i never eat a burger the same way very often twice in a row. some of my recurring favorites (besides the meat) are cheese, beetroot, pineapple, egg, onion, mushroom, mustard, tomato sauce, mayo, mustard, lettuce, bacon. if i dont have all of those things on at once it some variation on a theme.

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